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A psychic connection with pets

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If you’re a pet owner like me, you’ve probably caught yourself wondering at times what might be going through your pet’s mind.

We have two dogs, one of whom is a small rescue that continues to confound and surprise me with his behavior.

We’ve had him for more than a decade and I still catch myself wondering what the heck is rattling around inside his tiny little Tibetan spaniel head.

Local pet psychic and animal communicator Ursela Rabe has carved out a career for herself helping pet owners understand what their animals are going through.

Also a Feng Shui master consultant, astrologer and artist, Rabe would be the first to admit that there will be some folks skeptical of her skills.

Talking with her, however, one can’t help but be struck by her deep love and commitment to animals, while the people she reportedly has helped swear by her ability to locate animals who have strayed from their homes, or convey to animal owners what their pets are feeling.

Born in Germany, Rabe is well travelled, having lived in seven different countries, while “visiting many more.” She moved to this area from South Africa and currently lives in Lake Wildwood.

She believes that from a very early age she was able to perceive the thoughts of animals.

“Animal communication is something I have done all of my life,” Rabe said. “I thought it was normal, something everyone could do. As I grew older, I kind of ignored it. I went to work in international business, went through a lot of worldly times and had a passion for travel.”

After arriving in Nevada County, Rabe says that it was through her discussions with clients regarding Feng Shui that she made a discovery that led her to also offer her services as an animal communicator.

“In the past, I never charged for animal communication, but during my consultations for Feng Shui, the animals of the house would come up to me
and want to talk, because they knew that I could hear them,” Rabe said.

“Sometimes, I would say to my client, I know that you have hired me for Feng Shui, but can we take a moment, your animal wants to talk to you. The client was always very happy about it and always confirmed that the message I was giving them from the animal was true. I became more confident of my abilities.”

Interestingly, Rabe says there are many ways that an animal will try and communicate.

“There are different ways that I receive the information
and it varies from time to time,” Rabe said.

“Each animal has its own personality. Some are vision-oriented, some feeling-oriented. They communicate with me in the way that they feel like talking. I often hear words, or get feelings, but most of the time I get mental pictures. Animals are much smarter that most people believe.”

Thanks to encouragement from friends and associates, Rabe began advertising her animal communication skills to the public.

Many of the people who contact her through her website, magazine advertisements and holistic fairs are hoping to find lost animals.

She has received requests from throughout the U.S. as well as other parts of the world. Rabe says she takes great joy from helping reunite owners with their pets.

“Many of the people who call me are in tears because they have lost their animal,” Rabe said. “Last night, I had a call about a lost dog and the client wanted me to work on it right away. I said, ‘Yes, of course.’”

Typically, Rabe will ask the client to email her a picture of the animal and will pull up a map of the location where the pet owner lives.

“I usually get an idea right away, where on the map the animal has migrated to,” Rabe said.

For those who would have a hard time believing in Rabe’s abilities, the animal communicator suggests skeptics have an open mind.

“I don’t try to convince anybody,” Rabe said.

“People who know me, see that I am very down-to-earth and realize there must be something to what I do.”

Tom Kellar is a freelance writer who lives in Cedar Ridge. He can be reached at thomaskellar@hotmail.com.

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