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’A clear message’: Local protesters continue to oppose the election of Joe Biden

A few dozen people protesting the results of the 2020 presidential election gathered at the intersection of Brunswick Road and Sutton Way Wednesday afternoon while riots at the U.S. Capitol ensued.
Elias Funez

A few dozen people gathered Wednesday at the intersection of Brunswick Road and Sutton Way in Grass Valley to take part in a “Stop the Steal” pro-Trump protest while the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C., was stormed by rioters opposing the election of President-elect Joe Biden.

While the events that transpired in the nation’s capital turned violent and deadly, Grass Valley’s event remained mostly peaceful, though one protester said she was briefly assaulted by a passerby.

“She was driving by screaming out the window,” Stop the Steal protester Brenda English said of the incident.

Stop the steal protesters hold signs and flags at the intersection of Brunswick Road and Sutton Way Wednesday. Supporters honked their horns as they passed by, while counter-protesters shouted obscenities. One person said she was assaulted by a counter-protester.
Elias Funez

“At the light she jumped out of the car, elbowed me, and grabbed my necklace,” English said.

Grass Valley police responded to the incident.

“When you do things that are right, people get mad,” event organizer Byron Jones said to the group after the incident.

Jones said the events in Washington, D.C., were unprecedented and confusing, and he was torn between going forward with the day’s protest.

Truth for Trump, Back the Blue, and Stop the Steal protesters gathered in front of Valentina’s Bistro in Grass Valley Wednesday.
Elias Funez

“It also sends a clear message that there is something. There are hundreds of thousands of American people in D.C. alone speaking, as well as hundreds right here in Nevada County that don’t feel right about it,” Jones said of the election results.

“They witnessed with their own eyes, irregularities, un-constitutional voting practices. Even right here in Nevada County, Republican poll watchers were denied entry and access to view the count on election night,” Jones said.

President Donald Trump has falsely insisted that the election was marred by fraud and that he actually won.

Despite the group’s skepticism of the election results, event organizers plan to support President-elect Joe Biden if the Senate moves to confirm his election.

People hold flags and signs showing support of President Donald Trump Wednesday in Grass Valley’s Glenbrook Basin.
Elias Funez

“Byron and I as a couple, we follow the Christian faith,” Back the Blue and Truth for Trump organizer Bethany Denkers said.

“If God puts Biden in as the president, then there’s a reason for that. We feel very strongly about that. We may not like it, but we don’t like everything about Trump. If fraudulence is debunked and denounced and if it is found that Trump was actually the fraud, then we will absolutely still support the country and Biden as the rightful leader,” Denkers said.

A few dozen supporters of President Donald Trump gathered to protest President-elect Joe Biden’s confirmation.
Elias Funez

Denkers decried the violent positions people have taken over the election and protests.

“We’re not going to be spreading hate or vengeance,” Denkers said.

“Regardless of how the election plays out, we are all still one country,” Denkers said.

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Trump supporters remain calm as counter-protesters shouted obscenities while passing through the intersection of Brunswick Road and Sutton Way. One protester said she was assaulted by a passerby.
Elias Funez

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