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A chilling report from Wyoming

As the snow fluttered to the ground this morning in Grass Valley, I reached for my remote control and went straight to the Weather Channel. One of the first reports I saw talked about a wind chill of 36 below zero in Casper, Wyo, where former The Union reporter and California native David Mirhadi now calls home. I sent David an e-mail and asked if he was enjoying that winter wonderland stuff. By the time he replied at around 5:30 our time, it had warmed up to around 7 below zero in Casper. Here’s David’s brief dispatch from Wyoming.

There’s snow everywhere. So much snow that I had to get a lift to

work yesterday, since my sedan did nothing but spin

its tires in the snow for 20 minutes before I gave up.

We’ve received more than a foot of snow in Casper

since Monday night.

It’s damn cold out here, Pat. Damn cold. The side

streets, including the one I live on, are impassible

if you don’t have a four-wheel drive car. Using a

shovel to keep your walk clear is impossible. It’s

snowblow-only city out here, and I had to borrow one

just so I could throw the snow on the street. Maybe

that’s why I did nothing more than spin my wheels



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