6:00pm Update: Long-time voter looked forward to 60th election | TheUnion.com

6:00pm Update: Long-time voter looked forward to 60th election

Dan Burkhart91-year old Merris Ingram and his wife, Alvina, vote at 11:40 a.m. on Alta Street in Grass Valley. Merris is a former writer for The Union.
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It’s not that easy for Merris T. Ingram to visit the polls.

But the 92-year-old, who walks with an oxygen tank, wouldn’t miss standing in the voting booth on Alta Street in Grass Valley. He has voted in every election for the past 70 years.

And Ingram would never consider a more convenient method of voting, such as absentee voting where all he has to do is place his ballot in the mailbox. Ingram, a former job printer at the Morning Union (an earlier name of The Union), wants to personally drop his ballot in the ballot box.

“Voting is the one thing you can do that’s no business to others until they win or lose,” Ingram said.

“My wife and I choose the candidates from their previous experience,” Ingram added. “We’ve won a few, lost a few. Maybe that’s true of everyone.”

Ingram is the kind of serious voter who reads about candidates and the issues way in advance.

“When you vote, no one can tell you what to do, you’re strictly on your own,” he stated.

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