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5G Fear: Protesters rally in Grass Valley


Holding signs in the rain.

That’s what a small group of protestors did, gathering on Brunswick Road in Grass Valley Wednesday to prevent the implementation of 5G networking.

Their efforts were a part of a May 15 day of international action opposing the wireless technology.

“We’re going to see epidemics of cancer and all sorts of diseases in a few years, but it takes some time,” said protestor Jan Tache.

While it can’t put a moratorium on the technology, Nevada City likely shifted away from implementing 5G networking, and Grass Valley has not yet instituted the technology, per previous reporting.

Still, concerns of the technology persisted. Tache said 5G will be even more dangerous than 4G.

“I have a daughter and a husband that are so sensitive they can’t even be in this area (around Brunswick Road) anymore with the two cell towers,” said Tache, noting that they get headaches and earaches.

Protestors referenced National Toxicology Program studies, finding “clear evidence that male rats exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation like 2G and 3G cell phones developed cancerous heart tumors.”

However, a scientist with the program, John Bucher, said those studies can’t be compared to human’s use of cell phones as the rats received radio frequency radiation throughout their entire bodies.

Protestor Lynn Marie Lumiere is concerned about heightened radiation of the new technology.

“This is going to increase the radiation about 100 times, so it will affect babies, children and then even into healthy people,” said Lumiere.

Lumiere said 5G has not been previously used for commercialized purposes.

John Lumiere-Wins agreed, saying that’s why 5G protests around the world persisted.

“There are protests in Europe,” said Lumiere-Wins, “Brussels, Switzerland, there were protests in Germany (and) Italy.”

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