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100 years ago – September 1902

September 1902

Local schools opened. The convent school has 200 students, 15 of them boys.

Weather hot but cooler toward month’s end.

September 1902

Local schools opened. The convent school has 200 students, 15 of them boys.

Weather hot but cooler toward month’s end.

Two hundred killed in new Mt. Pelee eruptions.

A stage overturned near Mountain House, passengers badly hurt.

J.E. Black is getting together a cycling club.

In Winfield, Colo., two miners, enamored of the same 15-year-old girl, shot it out on Main Street. They killed each other.

John Jenkins’ horse ran away. Horse and cart dashed from Boston Ravine to Mill Street and then down Neal, where it hit a post and stopped. Horse OK, cart kindling.

Teachers ask for more pay. Misses Evert and Dillon were raised to $90 a month.

Miss Mary Ann Penglase, 77, died. She lived here for 40 years.

The new gas line means the price of gas will drop to $2.50 per thousand for illuminating gas, $1.60 for fuel gas.

Motorman Frank Vose of the traction company is indisposed this week. In a hurry to get over an illness, he took too much medicine and made himself sicker.

Some people, valuing their time more than life, moved the barricades at the condemned suspension bridge. They did so at their own peril.

Another stage went over, this time near Sagehen. Al Richardson, going down a grade at a good rate, went over in a curve. Several injuries, as passengers were thrown out.

Men continuing to excavate the Legg and Shaw building found an 1853 50-cent piece.

The day of oil lamps in the narrow gauge coaches are past – gas is here to stay.

A forest fire rages near Nevada City, the roar of flames plainly heard.

Dr. Tickell’s horse ran away on Broad Street, smashed up the buggy, and continued on to stop at the hospital.

In Indian Territory, Sheriff Foster accosted James Sydan, a Wild West show employee who was trying to hold up a hotel clerk. Sydan drew first, but Foster fired first.

And in French Corral, Henry Butler was mortally wounded by Dan Roberts’ .44. Business dealings gone sour are blamed.

The steamer Cottage City foundered off the Washington coast. All 150 aboard are safe.

Admission Day was celebrated with a ball given by the Native Sons and Daughters at the big open air platform.

Two men who robbed a Swede of $1,200 and beat him severely are in the Truckee jail.

Many towns in Oregon battle for life against terrifying forest fires. Port Columbia burning.

Charles Murray was robbed of $1,900 near Colfax. The money was meant for the Ursa Major mine.

There’s a shortage of carpenters and millwrights locally.

A cow grazing in Boston Ravine fell 40 feet down a shaft. It took slings and lots of pulling, but the cow is fine.

The wife of Nevada’s Sen. Stewart killed in an automobile accident in the Bay Area.

William Maltman passed away at his Hills Flat home.

George Macintosh, employed at the Red Cross Mine, was given a check for his wages. Afraid of robbers, he put it in his shoe and walked to town, where he found the check had disintegrated in the shoe.

Yen Sing, though not a member of the fire department, answers all calls and even sleeps in his clothes so he won’t miss a fire.

Miss Angelina Silva, former Grass Valley girl, returned here from Woodland hoping to regain her health. Hardly more than a slip of a girl, she lies dying in the incurable ward at the hospital.

Six hundred men work in local mines but there’s no room for outsiders. The Northstar employs 150; the Empire, 120; and the Allison Ranch, 73.

A grand ball at Cloud’s new hall in Washington tonight.

A fierce dog fight occurred on Neal the other day. No one seemed able to do anything about it until Marshal Deeble came along and ended the fray.

Emily Lammon, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Lammon of Truckee, died. She was a bright little one, and her parents are grief-stricken.

Cuba requests America remove all of its troops from the island.

Watchman Bergman peppered two men with birdshot who were stealing material from the Crown Point Mill. They’re probably busy picking shot out of their anatomy.

More troops called out to quell labor unrest in Pennsylvania.

John Hurbald was killed under the wheels of a wagon in Truckee.

A moving picture show featuring the assassination and funeral of McKinley and the execution of his murderer will appear in the auditorium.

In Arizona, Latford and Wells got into a fight over cards. Latford handed Wells a pistol and told him to defend himself. The two went to shooting and both may die.

F.D. Volquartz was hauled into court in Truckee for an insanity check. It was decided he was in his right mind except when he drank.

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