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100 years ago in Nevada County: Stolen loot buried in county

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

Two Nevada City boys went hunting, tying their horse up to a tree while they roamed the woods. The horse got loose, ran off and the two boys walked home, too tired to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

Windy around the 1st, heavy rain mid-month, then fair until rain on the 30th.

It’s illegal for saloonkeepers to sell liquor to those who have been convicted of being drunk.

A prowler makes two visits in the Kidder tract, once to the Reed home, once to the Bennallack home.

Courts banish common drunk Dennis Donovan from coming into town for six months. He can only procure provisions and must to that in a half hour.

Governor Blease of Virginia said that all that’s needed when a black man assaults a white woman is that they get the right man. He will not prosecute lynchers. Flogging for children in some cases and sterilization for assaults on women are favored by the Governor.

W.C. Browning, driving six horses, had a brake rod fail on the Nevada Road. The horses ran wild, finally piling up. No serious injuries.

Sad news at the Alma Johnson’s home in Colfax. She died — on her 19th birthday.

A Mare Island board of inquiry convened to investigate high-jinks on a U.S. gunboat where a young woman, who was being entertained, was injured by a flying beer bottle.

It’s possible that Joe Bevilacqua, who was paralyzed after being run over by a team, may recover.

At the Mexican town of Valoe Del Brasto, rebels under Zapata demanded that 19 young Indian women be sent out. The townspeople fled instead.

A Remington typewriter valued at $100 was missing from the new high school building in Nevada City.

The Anti-Capital Punishment League protested outside of San Quentin during an execution.

The infant child of Mrs. Evan Lloyd closed its eyes in death as did Theodore Stanley Lane, 2 months.

James Gallagher, Central Mine watchman, was severely burned when a fuse burst while he replaced a lightglobe.

Mike Montenegran was fined $10 for carrying a concealed weapon. He said he was on the lookout for another man who he had trouble with.

Thomas Green suicides in a Hills Flat saloon — took a drink then killed himself. He had been despondent.

Miss Emma Barnum was attacked by a stranger in Sweetland — her screams brought neighbors who chased the man off.

Druggist C. Richard Knapp received a ‘Spanish Prisoner Trick’ letter, a scheme that asks the receiver to send a sum of money to get a prominent man out of jail in Spain, promising that the sender will be well rewarded.

The Rough & Ready post office will be abandoned — Postmistress Bennetts resigned to get married to Charles Alford. She also said the salary was too small.

The rush is on in Nevada as big deposits of gold and silver are found in Rochester canyon, near Lovelock.

An unfortunate wayfarer fell to his death from the promontory, Cape Horn, outside Colfax — the second such death recently.

Early Cody, a rancher’s son, was roped and dragged to death near Bison, S.D. His assailant is unknown.

The Hartung ranch in Pleasant Valley grew a 34 pound beet.

Fragments for a hydro-aeroplane, flying over water from Los Angeles to San Francisco, were washed up in the surf as were the bodies of aviators Kearney and Lawrence.

Williams Davis and Miss Elizabeth Landsburg are wed in North Bloomfield.

The Pennsylvania, the largest warship in the world, is planed — 618 feet long and 31,400 tons.

A pal of Carl Ohman, the man who held up a bank here a few months ago, then suicide in his cell, said that Ohman buried most of his loot — around $2,700 — in Nevada County, not having time to spend it.

Nevada City won’t allow their saloons to stay open late on Christmas and New Year’s Eve as is permitted in Grass Valley.

Edward Duffy, imprisoned in a 20 foot hole on the Manion Ranch for a week, died of hunger, exposure and shock — apparently fell in.

Donation day a success — $499 taken in plus foodstuffs.

Young people revel in a masked ball at the Taylor home.

Two hundred thousand garment workers threaten to quit in New York.

All is happiness today and the hearts of the little ones gladdened with the cheer of Christmas.

A night of revelry, full of spice and variety, is planned for New Year’s Eve. The down is decorated as in the olden days with special events held around Grass Valley.

Parcel post starts on the 1st — packages up to 11 pounds may be mailed.

In Indianapolis, the government has convicted 38 labor union officials of conspiracy in dynamiting non-union workshops.

Three people thrown from an auto on the Grass Valley Road — no serious injuries.

For the first time, Christmas greetings were flashed by wireless from Mare Island to Washington.

The stolen typewriter was found wrapped in an old bedspread near the Jewish cemetery — only slight damage done.

A Washington preacher said women ought not to marry a man earning less than $20 a week.

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