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100 years ago in Nevada County: October 1915

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

Grass Valley city driver Joseph Constantine requested a week vacation with pay — has put in much overtime. City trustees ruled that in the future no city employee will receive pay while on vacation — and eliminated overtime pay.

September is warm and dry — just a little rain around the 23rd.

World watches Balkans — can Serbs hold Teuton hosts?

John Grissel runs an auto service to Washington with a big Studebaker instead of a 4-horse stage. The Union gets there early enough to be read at breakfast.

John Kipling of the Irish Guards, the son of Rudyard Kipling, is killed in action.

Percy May, Reme Trumpetti, Ed York and George Smith all went over the grade near Downieville in a Ford truck — one hurt badly.

Austro-German troops, 400,000 strong, storm Danube to crush Serbia.

Boys committing vandalism and cutting open sacks of feed on the Narrow Gauge platform face prosecution.

Trustees abandoned the widening of East Main — no money.

Philly takes first game of World Series from Boston — 3-1.

Austro-German advance cut to pieces — all who crossed river dead or captured.

Nevada County Bartletts going for $4 a box in the East.

Boston takes second game — 2-1.

Thieves steal a flock of chickens from Mrs. Leahi, a poor widow woman. A taste of buckshot would serve them right.

Wyoming has no women in the state prison — law is so equitable said the secretary of state, women do not care to commit crimes.

Boston wins third game — 2-1.

Adolph Topperwein, the greatest living trick shot, and his wife, gives a demonstration of his shooting skills at Glenbrook Park.

Boston takes fourth game — 1-2.

The last of the cliff dwellings in Colorado’s Mesa Verde park have been excavated.

Miners John Soldoni and John Falchoni nearly killed while blasting near the Last Chance — Falchoni’s injuries so serious he can’t be moved yet.

Boston takes Series, wins last game 4-5.

Colfax people claim they’ve been stung by a suit agent — takes orders but doesn’t deliver. Beware.

Congress will be asked to raise army to 665,000 men. Includes 140,000 regulars, continual army and militia. Next year’s budget to be largest in history.

Among high school boys, Leonard Prisk is the champion potato grower in the county.

Edison says if we go to war, machines will do the fighting for us.

Robert Connors says women run after him. Just the same, he was found guilty of transporting Mildred Brooke from Grass Valley to Reno for immoral purposes — five months jail time.

The iron hand of Villa Smites — exterminates 300 of his troops who attempted to desert.

A mule team owned by Joseph Kinney ran off on Main Street — no injuries but the wagon is damaged.

Labor-saving devices at the Brunswick mine — new stamp mill works like a clock with automatic devices throughout.

Annual camp stew given by the ladies of the Penn-Pleasant Valley section at the Bourn ranch — men rate it as good as any they put on.

The dying members of the Indian campoodie west of town are determined to die game if die they must. Indians from all over Nevada and Placer County meet for the annual feed. Even if the larder is empty and there’s little to be thankful for, they gather to have a good time among themselves. They remember when they roamed at will, well-filled on game and warmly dressed in deerskins, hunger and cold being unknown — until the white man came. They hold their celebration near their cemetery at the Ragon place on Indian Flat. The younger people will listen in respect and awe to tales of the old days that will come no more. They explained to the ignorant white men that they wanted to be near the spirits of their ancestors who come back for these gatherings to be near their living relatives.

Half mile of snow sheds burn — will be hard to replace as winter is near.

The house of Mrs. Susan McCarty burns in Timbuctoo — one of the few remaining structures in that old camp.

Ten Mexicans killed by a posse of U.S. troops for wrecking a train and killing three Americans.

Charles Livermore, retired naval officer, visited his mother’s grave in the cemetery on West Broad Street — was discouraged to see how run down and vandalized the cemetery is.

Eleanor Hoest, Nevada City milliner, had a house stolen from her Buena Vista ranch — was taken, board by board. Man named Johnson who lives near the Marsh sawmill is suspect.

English nurse Edith Cavell, accused of helping French and Belgian prisoners escape in Brussels, was executed by the Germans, despite international please for mercy. With her last words she affirmed her guilt and was happy to die for her country.

The final installment of The Romance of Elaine shows at the Nevada Theater tonight.

Ann Thrades, who died at Camptonville, saw the coronation of Queen Victoria and came around the Horn during the Gold Rush.

Lotta Crabtree, famous actress from Rough and Ready, will be coming to the San Francisco Exposition for a day held in her honor.

There’s talk in Marysville of resurrecting the Ancient and Honorable Order of E. Clampus Vitus, once prominent throughout the Gold Country.

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