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100 Years ago in Nevada County – October 1904

The telephone crew, trimming on Townsend, allowed a branch to short out the power wires, cutting electricity to the area.

Precinct reports show a loss of 259 voters. Nevada Township shows the greatest loss, Grass Valley and Truckee posted slight gains.

Stormy to 11th, rain again the 15th, then a cold spell.

Carrie Nation and three smashers, hatchets in hand, were arrested and placed in a Wichita jail.

Bertha Horsfall of Woodland wants $10,000 from Grass Valley’s Willis Clinch for breaking an engagement.

Concerns have been raised over the number of ‘lungers’ coming west for treatment, possibly infecting the population.

E. Jordan, fording the river at Colgate, had his horse go under. His spur caught in the stirrup and it was with difficulty he was able to swim ashore.

Russian Cossacks repulse Japanese cavalry in the Far East.

Stockmen are driving out of the mountains to winter pasture.

The men who held up the North Bloomfield stage last year are believed to be in custody in Reno.

Fire fiends destroyed the Carpenter Street home of Burt Stafford. $4,500 loss.

A mendicant with one leg and a crutch worked the business district until officers convinced him to wander to other realms.

Merchant John Webber expired in his store, sitting in a chair.

In Los Angeles, Jack Johnson beat Ed Martin in the second round – the black man will now challenge Jeffries for World’s Champion.

The infant child of the E.C. Andrews family died at their Sacramento Street home.

Japanese officials say the war has done Japan good. Foreign trade is better than ever and they predict great things for the Far East when the war ends.

August Hermanauz claims the local grape crop has been poisoned but it looks like the disease, phylloxera.

Vacaville will get Grass Valley’s vacated National Guard placement.

The Santa Barbara oil fields have struck their greatest gusher ever.

Season’s ending but baseball fever still high.

Nick Snell lost an eye when a bottle of cider exploded as he was opening it.

John Loney received eight stitches in his face after being thrown from a horse.

Grass Valley’s John Hanson nearly died in the desert while riding from Goldfield to Gold Crater.

The little daughter of William Harvey of Auburn Street has diphtheria. They have been quarantined.

It’s claimed a horse in Germany can do mathematical problems, using its hoof to strike out the answer. Turns out, the owner was giving it secret eye signals to control the hoof beats.

James Williams, who lives with his family over the Empire restaurant, came home drunk and proclaimed his intention of shooting a neighbor with his Winchester. Officers have him in tow.

A wagon runaway on Washington grade almost ran over a buggy full of people. A Mr. Schwartz managed to wave the horses over and miss the buggy, though the wagon overturned.

Lack of rainfall in Transylvania was attributed to the curses of an old man who had died. Villagers dug up the body, read magic formulas over it, and reburied him.

Lyman Gilmore has a model of a flying machine that has flown successfully for three miles. He feels a full sized machine of 18 horsepower, carrying 8 persons, can be built. Investors will be approached.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle announces the death of his creation, Sherlock Holmes – claims the Christmas issue of the Strand will be his end – he is tired of the character.

Mrs. W.D. Long and Mrs. Francis Burns passed away.

Marines will be sent to Canal Zone – ready to meet any emergency.

Nevada County won top prize for mining exhibits at the World’s Fair in St. Louis.

Grass Valley’s C.D. Tregoning is patenting a device that will make it impossible for trains to collide.

Nevada City approved buying a horse to haul the fire cart.

Little Violetta Harvey, 2, died yesterday.

Doctors worked all night to save two Colfax men who got food poisoning from lunch purchased while on a trip to Grass Valley.

Two cases of women marrying and retaining their maiden names were recorded in Washington, D.C.

Early settler Warren Bastin, aged and penniless, ended his life at the Western hotel.

Using a windbreak ahead of him, the great pacer, Dan Patch, set a record for the mile; 1:56 flat.

Work progressing on the new Nevada City engine house. It will hold two locomotives.

British Lion may spring on Russian Bear for torpedoing English fishing boats.

The home of Lo See of upper Main was the scene of a dazzling reception for Mrs. Sing Ken Whong, wife of a prominent San Francisco businessman.

Colorado coal mine explosion buries 45 men.

Barney Oldfield won the automobile track championship of the world in New York.

The son of John Ghiddoti, 5, almost drowned in Deer Creek. A Mr. Eddy managed to pull him out.

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