100 years ago in Nevada County: May, 1916 | TheUnion.com

100 years ago in Nevada County: May, 1916

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

Mrs. Mary Soper Cisco, 68, the original ‘bloomer girl’ died in New Jersey. She created the garment to work on the farm and created a sensation when she appeared on the streets in it.

The Stealing of copper, brass and other metals in the county is being carried on by unlicensed junk dealers.

Rain on the 7th and 18th then cold until light rain and snow around the 3rd.

Joseph Creagan, 56, of Lake City committed suicide over a hopeless illness.

A new 40-foot flagpole was erected at the Golf Flat School.

Republicans sweep the state primaries yesterday.

A mysterious explosion shook Grass Valley – no damage but no one knows where it came from.

Hugh Murchie resigns water collector position.

John Moulton, who was acquitted in the slaying of ‘Black Jack’ Richards here some years ago, drowned in the Sutter bypass.

The Taylor Foundry and Engineering Company advertises new Ford runabouts for $445.95.

Two big steamers torpedoed yesterday, presumably by Germans.

Fred Fippin’s house, just below Rough & Ready, burns down.

Settlements in Texas’ Big Bend country were hit by Mexican raiders. The border is rife with alarm as the militia is called out to augment guard.

Grass Valley and Colfax to fight it out on the Glenbrook diamond Sunday – game should be a hummer.

British government receives world’s censure over execution of 13 Irish rebels.

Dan Smith of Truckee, with great difficulty, managed to drive to South Tahoe – road should be open to the public in a few days.

An Oakdale man was here looking for his wife and children who ran off with another man. They were here a week ago. The Oakdale man may not have the funds to continue pursuit.

A farmer named Damaevill was found unconscious in the road – thrown from a rig. He was taken to Jones Hospital.

British loses 500 yards of trench in a German advance – most retaken in counter-attacks.

Mrs. Myra Allen of School Street ended her life with a revolver – had suffered for many years with infantile paralysis. Recently married, she feared maternity.

To fight thefts, junk dealers must pay $50 a quarter and record all transactions.

Valentine Casci lost his bid for a liquor licenses to be used in conjunction with his Italian Hotel on Main Street.

Seventy-three Villistas deported from the U.S. were court-martialed and executed by Mexican authorities.

The Cox brothers got 14 years for their attempt on an Auburn deputy’s life last month.

Fourteen killed in a Du Pont chemical plant explosion in New Jersey.

Grass Valley batsmen gives Colfax a whaling – 10-1.

A narrow escape from a Ford driven by Roy Buchanan went over the bank on Edwards Grade with Loretta and May Phelan aboard.

A young man named Schmidt was thrown from his motorcycle, landing flat on his face – he said he’ll stick to walking.

Berlin tells Germans in the U.S. not to plot against America.

The president of Placer League will watch Grass Valley take on the crack Newcastle team, many of whom are salaried. Could lead to Grass Valley getting into professional baseball.

Railroad and steamboat revenues are down – autos are blamed.

Fans are encouraged to come out for the game with Newcastle.

French and Germans deadlocked at Verdun while Austrian push back Italians.

A stranger entered Burt Ivey’s home near Banner but was scared off by his son.

The Grand Army of the Republic is 50 years old – vets gather at Decauter, Illinois.

Grass Valley takes Newcastle – 4-3.

Auto Stage drivers are carrying phones – when a forest fire is spotted, they climb the nearest forest service phone pole and send a message.

The Supreme Court ordered a trial to see if caffeine in coca cola is injurious to the health.

Grass Valley forms a rifle club – will be issued Krag Jorgenson rifles, model of 1898. A site is being sought.

F. K. Foss of Cornell has pole-vaulted 12 feet and may exceed 13.

Miner William Kelly, despondent, slashed his throat with a razor.

Alaska Indians enjoy canned music – one ordered a Victrola and records.

Levina Suehead, 10, an Indian girl, was killed in a playground accident – she was buried in Indian fashion near the tribe’s camp by the Lincoln highway.

Members of the Grass Valley rifle club worked to clear a range near the Northstar Mine.

There will be wet vs. dry debate at the Nevada Theater.

Two boys were arrested for stealing brass hardware from the Prudential mine, intended to sell it to junk dealers.

Nevada City remembers dead – flowers strewn on the graves of nation’s heroes on Memorial Day.

The Momeys of Canada Hill had a fright. Their 8-year old daughter became separated from them during the Memorial Day parade. She was playing at a friend’s house and had neglected the time.

A stranger crawled through the window of Narrow Gauge locomotive engineer W. H. Mutton. By the time then law showed up, the man was the worse for wear at Mutton’s hands.

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