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100 years ago in Nevada County: June 1913

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

A hold-up man tried to rob Dan McKenzie as he walked to Alleghany. McKenzie darted into the underbrush and escaped.

Sacramento allocates $15,000 to send California veterans of Gettysburg back to Pennsylvania to attend the 50th anniversary of that battle.

June was warm with a few periods of unsettled weather after mid-month.

A premature blast at the Spaulding Lake dam destroys already-set concrete. It will take months to repair the damage at a cost of $70,000.

General W.S. Schuyler, part owner in the Alaska mine was in town. He said Japan won’t fight — are too worried Russians would jump on their backs.

Since records started in 1905, California has registered 170,698 autos — not including motorcycles.

There will be a 4th of July benefit dance and cake baking contest at the Elks hall.

English officers confiscate 1,000 rifles destined for Orange clubs in Northern Ireland opposed to home rule.

The telephone company will mail bills instead of using door-to-door collectors.

At Durking, England’s Derby race a suffragette ran out and tried to stop the King’s horse. The jockey was fearfully injured — she was killed.

The homes of Mrs. Fannie Huson and John Murley, Jr., on Piety Hill, have been fumigated for small pox.

A woman physician told the Child Welfare Congress of California that instead of feeding their children, women should be taught to take their children to experts in children’s dietetics just as they send them to other experts, such as teachers and doctors.

Thousands attend a Sunday School outing at Chicago Park.

A committee wishes to save the trees around the new post office building. The chosen site is centrally located in the city and people want the trees to stay.

Five hundred Elks will come to dedicate the Nevada City lodge.

The lower levels of the Nevada mine are ablaze — two men overcome by smoke were rescued.

The new cannery will be shown to the public — cherry crop to be handled first.

J.S. Hennessy is re-elected city school superintendent.

J.C. Fippin of Rough and Ready is in serious condition from dropsy — will undergo an operation as last resort.

Miss Elizabeth Plummer of Winchester Hill was chosen Goddess of Liberty for the 4th.

Mrs. Nettie Schaff, 53, goes to her eternal home after a long illness.

Peter Cadden and O.H. Fuller will be the new postal carriers for Grass Valley.

R.A. Bowden will be the new general manager for the Narrow Gauge.

A Nevada City Hardware team took a wild dash down Broad Street and narrowly missed a trolley car.

Gladys Ogden and Clarence Lockfeller, who works at the electric company, were wed.

The miner’s union picnic at Chicago Park was attended by 1,500.

The estate of John Jacob Astor, who perished on the Titanic, was appraised at $86,966,000.

James Kelly and James Heath, hauled in for public drunkeness — Kelly got 60 days, Heath wants a trial.

An auto coming down Bullards Bar grade lost its brakes. The driver stuck with it until it hit 60 mph and then jumped out — no serious injuries.

George Leavett, alias Williams, was caught in Auburn trying to sell a horse he rented in Grass Valley — 60 days.

Dog owners are becoming lax — all loose dogs must be muzzled.

Used car for sale — 1911, 35 HP, five passenger Overland touring car — $425, fully equipped. See Mannie Glikbarg, 150 Mill St.

The Government will investigate the use of alcohol as a motor fuel.

Boys 14 and older are encouraged to join the Piety Hill fire department auxiliary.

Graduates of the Grass Valley High School are: Elmer Knight, Leah Shoemaker, Walter Hawkins, Budd Smith, Ellen Hampton, Elmer Berryman, Retta Henwood, Elizabeth Mitchell, Edward Mulligan, Clifford Temby and William Martin.

Martin Dietrich fell 25 feet off the Delphi flume and was killed.

Wanted: Horse weighing between 1,200 and 1,400 pounds — W.F. Bierwagon, Chicago Park.

Nevada City High graduates are: Edith McNulty, Francis Berryman, Mary Rossen, Eurice Scarfe, Edwin Quigley, Ervin Seaman, W. Darryl Coughlan, Charles Meserey, George Taylor, Luther Marsh, Phillippia Curnow, Verna Hall and Verda Hitchens.

W. Wagoner left with 200 head of cattle, heading for the high country. Miss Mildred Byrnes of Grass Valley is riding along.

A.B. Foote’s Ford car was stolen while he attended graduation ceremonies at the Elk’s hall — it was found the next day on Church Street, undamaged.

The trial of Dr. Sunburnt, who shot to death a man in Truckee last May, begins.

Grass Valley residences must place numbers on their homes to receive mail delivery.

Dr. Sunburst is found not guilty — claim of self defense accepted.

Autos owned by Dr. John Jones, Dr. George Chapple and Fred Dastian crashed together on the Nevada road — no serious injuries.

Richard Plummer of Piety Hill tried to rid his yard of a mole with blasting powder. The doctor said he will recover — condition of mole is unknown.

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