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100 years ago in Nevada County: August 1913

Frank Gilham succumbs to blood poisoning — was stabbed last month by George Smith in a brawl at Lime Kiln.

Fifty women and girls killed in a factory fire in Binghamton, New York — fire escapes blocked.

Typhoid takes young miner Walter White.

August starts out hot but weather becomes unsettled near end.

Grass Valley beats Smartsville at baseball — 5 to 1.

Wells Fargo to lose $750,000 a year — State Railway Commission claims they are a parasite on the railroads — an unnecessary burden.

John E. Deal, pioneer of the early 1850s, passed away at Camptonville.

In Berlin it’s illegal for auto drivers to smoke while driving — causes too many accidents.

Reports from Iowa Hill say that old camp is on the verge of a new boom.

Valley hop pickers vent fury on officers — four persons are killed. State militia now stationed near Wheatland. Cause of labor unrest attributed to the I.W.W.

Local boosters push for the National Highway to come by way of Truckee.

In Chicago, suffragette Rosalie Ladova was arrested for appearing swimming without a skirt and in tight-fitting bloomers. “Women can’t swim in skirts,” she said. “Men should be made to wear them too, if women do.”

Arthur B. Foote to wed Jennette Hooper. He is superintendent of the North Star and Champion mines.

Forest fires threaten Penn Valley Creamery.

A wild runaway smashed up a wagon and provided a little excitement in Boston Ravine — no injuries.

Huerta gains strength in his country by defying the U.S.

Ranch buildings consumed as 8,000 acres burn. Fireline stretches from the Bear River to Lime Kiln Ranch.

Little Ward Angilley was run down by an auto but escaped without a scratch — the auto cleared his body after knocking him down.

School teacher Edith Campbell died of typhoid malaria at Randolph Flat.

President Huerta sends conciliatory message to President Wilson, who wishes to help make peace between the fighting factions there.

Nevada County is packing its first Barletts.

The National Rifle Association will be hosting rifle matches at Camp Perry, Ohio — 30th annual shoot. Thirty nations to compete.

A wagon with 3,000 pounds of giant powder caught fire in Nevada City. Only careful work by the firemen — and luck — prevented a horrible explosion. The powder had been brought from the Alpha magazine near Glenbrook Park.

Financial circles say the danger of a monetary crises this autumn is being averted — should be plenty of money in the banks.

Water collector Williams won’t collect beyond the city limits — bills must be brought in to the office.

The chamber of commerce resents Japanese marketing fruit here, especially fruit brought from other areas and undersold. It’s felt that the Japanese may establish a colony here, which is not desired.

A.B. Snyder was enlarging his garage when workmen struck a ledge of ore so good workings are being put up to follow it.

Attorney Boyle shot to death and editor Hail of the National Bulletin in Quincy shot in the leg in a pistol duel between the two — was over dispute of where to build a new high school.

Poundmaster Mitchell shoots the dog belonging to the Hempler children of North Church Street. Mitchells says it was in the line of duty but Hempler claims it was done for spite. The children are heartbroken.

Frank Orzalli is kicked in the head by a horse — suffers a slight fracture.

Harry Thaw, found guilty in the sensational Stanford White killing in 1906, escaped from a New York mental institution and is in Canada.

George Smith is held over for the murder of Frank Gilhan, his nephew.

The steamer, State of California, goes to the bottom of Gambier Bay, taking 32 souls with her.

William Doyle suffers unmentionable attack by Robert Johnson, who shares his cabin. Doyle claims he could have killed Johnson with his gun but didn’t want blood on his hands.

In Chicago, Frances Raymond was disfigured by her husband wielding a razor — claims her beauty caused him too much trouble.

Nine big teams at the Narrow Gauge depot, loaded with supplies for the mountains.

Robert Johnson is dead and William Doyle under arrest — claims Johnson attempted to sodomize him again. But physical examination disproves Doyle’s claim. Killing may have been over gold.

The Truckee chamber of commerce says all business signs that project over the sidewalk must be taken down.

U-Bet, to have school — has eight students.

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