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100 years ago in Nevada County

May, 1905

The game between the locals and a Sacramento team was so one sided people were leaving early. The locals had it, 9 to 1.

Riot and bloodshed still reign in Chicago’s Teamsters strike. Situation becomes critical.

Nice around the 1st, unsettled until the 20th, then rain month’s end.

Joe Tydd sold the National Livery Stable on Broad Street to E. S. Parke, an agent for Wells-Fargo.

Earnest Werry, son of local man John Werry, left from San Francisco on a steamer bound for China. He will work in the engine room and expects it to be an adventure.

A school census shows a gain of 50 children over last year in Grass Valley but a countywide drop of 24 from last year’s 1590.

Company ‘C’ may be mustered out – it made a poor showing at the last inspection.

There’s outrage over the wanton cruelty of the Cossacks in Warsaw. A 10 year-old boy was cut down with a sword.

Miss Nellie Pendola of Camptonville will marry Thomas Collins of San Francisco.

Roosevelt declares he’s a believer in labor unions.

S.C. Wannamake was thrown from a dray at Main and Commercial, receiving a bad gash on the head.

An alliance of mining men has been formed. One goal is better relations between the miners and farming interests in the valley.

Someone attempted to torch the home of C. Joerschke but the fire was discovered in time.

The Oakland High School basketball team forfeited its game against Nevada City due to excessive fouling by their team.

Preliminary meetings have begun about the 4th of July events, this year held in Grass Valley.

Agile wins the Kentucky Derby by three lengths.

A mysterious cutting and shooting affray happened at Allison Ranch over a land dispute. No one is talking but a suspender buckle deflected a shot sent at one combatant.

While he was digging an elevator shaft at the George Brothers shop, Frank George was asked by a passing drummer if he was digging for gold. Frank – ever the card – slipped some brass pieces into the dirt and showed them to the man. Before the day was out, several were taken in by the ‘strike.’

Joe Angeli and Fred Landers went 20 rounds to a draw at the Nevada County Athletic Club.

A road poll tax that would cost everyone in Floriston $2.50 has that town in an uproar.

An iron pin found among some fossils in Wyoming proves that North America was inhabited for thousands of years by a highly developed civilization that predated the Aztec or Toltec.

Local fruit growers have taken final action to build a cannery and will now seek funding.

When a Chinese vegetable peddler learned that National Livery premises were to be excavated, he rushed to the spot and dug up $700 in gold he’d buried there.

Forty brand new steel ore carts were lined up near the foundry on Mill Street – destined for the North Star.

Another balloon ascension and parachute jump from several thousand feet will be made today by Professor Earlston.

The trial of wife murderer Trebilcox continues and he is grilled by the district attorney.

A band of gypsies with a large wagon are camped at Clay and Nile Street.

Trebilcox found guilty in the first degree.

Simon Luke’s candle set off a gas blast at the Maryland, badly burning him.

A case of yellow jack has broken out in Panama.

Father Lynch of the Grass Valley diocese has been placed in charge of all the dioceses during the absence of the Bishop.

A cave-in at U-Bet injured John Jepsen of Relief Hill.

Auburn carried off two silver cups in a tennis tournament in Grass Valley.

The Blackfoot Indians in Montana claim that four million acres of land belong to them as they never sold it.

The new Lake Vera bridge was accepted but the Purdon bridge was declared unsafe to use.

The city trustees tabled a request for a permit to build a house for immoral purposes within the new fire district.

W.H. Thomas of Colfax ends his life with a shotgun.

‘Fighting’ Dick Hyland will go 20 rounds with ‘walloping’ Louie Long at the auditorium Saturday night.

Young Benjamin Haas, 24, passed away from inflammation of the bowels.

Chicago given up to riot and anarchy. Crowds attack wagons in the lumber district and bullets are flying.

Everett Hartung had two toes mashed when his horse stepped on his foot.

Long loses fight with Hyland on a foul. Long was outpointing Hyland until then.

Nineteen Russian vessels sunk in battle with Japanese fleet in the greatest naval battle ever fought.

Decorating of local graves for Memorial Day began early this morning.

If sidewalks and crossing are brought up to standard, two postal carriers will begin free foot delivery.

New child labor laws restrict the working of children under 18 more than nine hours a day or 54 hours a week. And no child under 16 can work between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Offender: I’m innocent, Judge and I can prove it if you’ll just give me time.

Judge: Done! I give you three years.

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