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100 Years Ago in Nevada County

100 Years Ago in Nevada County

February, 1905

Ed Ryan and John Molen ” badly injured in a premature explosion at Malakoff.

Thirteen women killed in New York when a train plowed into a sleigh.

Stormed until the 5th, then cold. Rains around 14th ” some heavy ” until clear at month’s end.

A French officer wearing Scandinavian snowshoes, or skis, descended from Mt. St. Bernard to St. Maurice, 14 miles in 25 minutes.

The Salvation Army will serve 70,000 New York school children with hot breakfasts each day.

The SP denies that oil-fueled engines are a failure in the mountains.

The custom of whites walking through Chinatown during their New Year celebration is patiently borne but not appreciated by the Chinese who regard these events with as much respect as the whites do theirs. A cook named “Charlie” said, “How they like if Chinaman come their house, look at ever’ting, say such damn-fool talk, ask much crazy question?”

An English physician lists foods one should not consume if you suffer from appendicitis ” oranges, pineapples, figs, raspberries.

A thief entered Tommy Moore’s barbershop and took $9.50 ” third time this month.

Oklahoma and New Mexico to be states ” Arizona rejected.

Children with whooping cough will not be allowed in school.

Black Patti and her dusky troupe will appear at the auditorium ” much good rhythm dancing and Southern humor.

A new light has been placed on Spring Street near the city pound.

Officers are suddenly cracking down on the playing of fantan in Chinatown.

The new engine house is done ” it holds four engines while two remain in Nevada City. A new cab was placed on the engine burned last month.

George Morris, Truckee Wells-Fargo assistant clerk, was charged with stealing $1,200 from the office safe.

The 10-day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dibble of Gold Flat died.

In the Auburn trial of Adolph Weber, it was shown he bought the murder weapon.

The Senate is considering a bill to make trading stamps illegal.

The 7-year-old son of the Huddlestons broke his arm flying a kite ” not looking at where he was going.

Dutch Flat citizens petition for a bridge across the Bear River to link them with U-Bet.

Captain James Smith, a gunfighter who spent years on the plains, claims Bat Masterson, recently appointed deputy U. S. Marshal for New York, is a four-flusher. ”John Nile wandered from the Zeibright mine, delirious, and died shortly after rescuers found him.

Frank Bennallack loses a hand in an accident at the North Star mine.

Yuba County imposes a weight ordinance on their roads ” 3,500 pounds total weight of wagon and load. This will impose a hardship on haulers who cross parts of Yuba County to Alleghany and Camptonville.

There will be a masked ball at the Armory tomorrow night.

Railroad employees look forward to Truckee again becoming a freight division point.

In the next few years a man will keep a flying machine as today he keeps an automobile said an educator at an Eastern university. He mentioned the Wright Brothers of Dayton, Ohio who are presently working on such a machine.

Nevada City’s Wing Hi Woo has been elected joss keeper.

Burglary charges against Thomas McKee have been dropped. Mrs. Joseph Kennedy declined to prosecute and McKee promised to swear off booze.

Mrs. A. C. Mason, cleaning her attic, fell through the ceiling and 12 feet to the floor below. Her injuries were slight.

Colfax to have a new depot. The turntable will be shared by both the SP and the narrow gauge.

Support tomorrow’s Firemen’s Ball.

Mrs. John Pascoe was called to the beyond.

Engine No. 5, the NCNG’s large engine is in for an overhaul.

Two of the men who held up the Cody, Wyoming bank some months ago are in jail in Utah.

Jury finds Adolph Weber guilty. He laughed and said the fight has just begun.

The National Hotel’s baggage team ran away ” the wagon was badly smashed up.

Roosevelt defends his warlike policy ” says to be prepared for war is the best way to preserve peace.

John Solari, son of M. Solari, was racing another lad down Commercial Street on his bike, lost control and shot across the street and into a dry goods store. He has many cuts and bruises.

Domestic workers are getting hard to find in the East as many young women go into commerce or manufacturing.

A hungry Truckee man steals a ham and gets five months while an office worker who steals hundreds is set free. The ways of justice.

Sports in Nevada City are thinking of starting up an athletic club so they can bring off boxing contests.

James Andrews, who almost lost his life fording Jones Bar last year on horseback, repeated the effort last week and nearly drowned again. The Yuba is kind of a hoo-doo for him.

Israel Potts, a young half-breed Indian, despondent over the recent death of his brother, killed himself at Mooney Flat. He triggered off a

rifle with his big toe.

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