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100 Years Ago In Nevada County

Last night’s meeting of the young people’s literary club was considered the greatest success and most enjoyable time since the club began.

Light-heavyweight champion Joe Gans beat Frank Ward of Canada in 10 rounds.

George Starr and Dr. J. T. Jones, along with passengers, drove their automobiles to Marysville and back. The trip down took four hours.

Rain and snow on and off all month with heavy storm at end – rivers flooding.

The Mormon tabernacle in Burlington, Wyo., was raided by 10 cowboys who rode their horses into the building and shot the interior full of holes until their ammunition ran out. They then finished off a whisky bottle and rode out.

A burglar broke into McDonald’s saloon and took $50 from a slot machine.

Attorney William Murphy of Marysville, a member of the Donner Party, passed away.

The young son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jewel accidentally drank poison and died. It’s believed to have come from a nearby dump. Steps to eradicate the problem have been made.

At Oril, Plumas County, a crowbar, sliding point down off a roof, pierced Ben Campbell, a carpenter, killing him instantly.

Mrs. Fred Marvin of Colfax has been finding water for people in Chicago Park by using a dousing wand.

Japanese sink Russian warships. Russians receive crushing defeat at Port Arthur.

The Gus Sun Minstrels will appear at the Auditorium.

Miss Regina Crawford is the first black woman to attend an institution of higher learning on the West Coast. She entered the University of California.

An automatic voting machine was on display at the National Hotel. It is said to prevent fraudulent balloting.

Roosevelt rouses Southern blood – reuses to return Confederate flag of the 48th Georgia regiment – afraid of antagonizing G.A.R.

Thomas Evens, who murdered Robert Holland here some years back, is seeing a parole. Holland was killed on the trail to the Spanish mine.

Frank Miller, one of the Folsom escapees, was killed in Colorado during a burglary.

Albert Hedges received bruises when thrown from a wagon.

Three Russians cruisers sunk by Japanese. Whole Russian fleet disabled while Japanese suffer little loss.

Five hundred feet of snow sheds collapsed near Emigrant Gap.

Burt Alvord, notorious outlaw, is in the Tombstone jail.

John Coughlin terrorized his family and forced them from their home during a storm – he now occupies a cell.

Three more Russian cruisers torpedoed.

Firemen’s ball coming up – support them.

Alfred Beckman of Nevada City, undergoing trial in Butte, Mont. for the killing of Helen Kelly, slashed his throat in court. He survived and received 99 years.

England may take a hand in the conflict between Russia and Japan.

Blue jays, accused of breaking quail eggs and killing small birds of other species, are being targeted by an anti-jay hunting club, so far enlisting 120 members who will attempt to eradicate the pest.

The oldest man in point of service in the army, ordnance Sergeant George Brown, retired. He mustered in April 27th, 1861.

The storm took out the Colgate and Junction Quarry bridges on the middle fork of the Yuba.

Russia abandoned Port Arthur and Vladivostoc to the Japanese.

Twenty wood dealers met in the Pacific Hotel and formed a union that will set uniform prices between the members.

Japanese officers, caught by Russians as they tried to blow up a bridge in Manchuria, were hung on the spot from the bridge.

The recent storm almost carried away the Rome powerhouse.

Russia ready this time – wipes out part of Mikado’s navy.

High water mark past in Marysville but levees still above flood stage.

Wong Chouy Sing found dead in his cabin – foul play suspected.

Ohio’s Senator Burton decries expansion of U.S. Navy – not the way to peace, he said.

Cattlemen are happy over the storms – grass is beginning to appear.

William Deadman was found not guilty in the poising death of Virginia Anderson last month.

John Poccalini swore out a warrant against Peter Bionda for battery in what was supposed to be a friendly scuffle in a ‘resort’ on Sacramento Street.

Jack Munroe outfought Tom Sharkey in a six round bout.

Ed Fuchs, a miner at Shady Run, plunged into Blue Canyon Gulch along with an ore cart – his body not yet found.

In Kentucky, Ellis Kindcade killed himself after seeing his fiance, Miss Nora Veal, going to the theater with another man. Then, after seeing the body of Mr. Kincade, Miss Veal killed herself.

Landlady: I’m charging less for this room because the lady next door plays the piano incessantly.

Applicant: No problem. The room is for my nephew and he’s deaf.

Landlady: Oh, in that case, I must charge you full price.

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