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100 Years ago

Harvey Percival, riding the roads near Truckee, had a foot cut off by a wheel. He bound his leg and rode the 4 miles to town for aid. He should recover.

There was a big time in Grass Valley’s Chinatown as a new joss keeper was elected. Many whites showed up for the event.

It’s unlawful to own a horse with a docked tail in California. The Humane Society is working to outlaw the practice of docking horse’s tails.

Fair turned to rain until the 5th, then fair again before turning cold and unsettled at month’s end.

2nd LT. McCall of the 6th Cavalry will ride an Arab stallion 3,000 miles from Portland, Oregon to New York to test the endurance of that breed for cavalry mounts.

The North Star reports an operating profit of $500,000 in 1906.

The hay famine has been relieved as car loads of it arrive. The price – $30 a ton — should drop.

In a speech, Governor Broad of Florida recommended the U.S. Purchase territory — domestic or foreign – and move all the black race there to live separate from the white race.

Bennett Street homes have been ransacked but the thief left a trail of snowprints to his house. He won’t be arrested but will be watched. Anyone found prowling around the area will be filled with birdshot.

Goldfield is now at peace. Miners win their demands.

Fourteen men in a bunkhouse at the Keystone mine were miraculously unhurt after an avalanche hit. One was Jake Scadden of this city.

The Japanese plan to build the world’s largest battleship – 2,100 tons displacement.

Hydraulic Parlor 56 has been asked to repair the old West Broad Street cemetery where so many pioneers are buried.

The angel of death summoned Mrs. Margaret Murphy of Montezuma Hill.

A hung jury was dismissed in the trial of Harry Thaw for killing Stanford White.

The Narrow Gauge engine that went over the grade is back on the tracks and burning oil again.

Mrs. Pearl Deaks of Chapel Street swallowed poison but should recover. Mystery surrounds the event – relatives declare ‘nothing to tell.’

Robert Peary will make another dash for the North Pole.

Thomas Martin was killed by a falling boulder in the Central shaft.

Direct connection between the Sicilian Mafia and New York’s Black Hand was established in the kidnaping of Tony Pozzuffi, a New York banker.

John Sutherland, 3 months, died at his Bennett Street home of childhood illness.

Howard Nesbit, the brother of Evelyn Nesbit Thaw, who Stanford White had been putting through school, admitted perjuring himself in an effort to send Harry Thaw to the executioner.

While J. B. Bennetts was absent from his Watt Park saloon, the door was forced and three gallons of beer consumed.

Possibly due to the heavy March rains, an unusual number of cave-ins and sink holes have appeared. Sixty acres sunk near Quaker Hill.

Two Nebraska college men disguised themselves in women’s clothes to attend the Athletic Parade of the Co-Eds, from which men are barred. As the girls paraded about in grotesque costumes performing humorous feats to the amusement of hundreds of other women, the large guffawing of the two gents became their undoing. Five hundred angry athletic girls left them bandaged and bruised. Later, smiling, they said it was worth it.

Youngsters who have been taking mail carrier Cunningham’s rural route wagon after hours and pulling it about the streets had best desist if they want to avoid arrest.

Bill Casey has run afoul of the law again while trying to corner the booze market.

Today is the anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake and fire.

Bill Casey accepts an invitation to visit Colfax.

Jerry Goodwin of U-Bet and Earnest Grenfell will start a shaft at the Posey mine.

The development of the submarine boat may spur U.S interest in a flying machine as one way to combat this new menace to the high seas.

The water line furnishing J.J. Jackson’s Boulder Street Home became clogged. After two days it was discovered a frog had worked its way up the pipe. It was released, unharmed.

The Union Pacific took control of the Southern Pacific, claiming it was necessary for the financial self preservation of the line.

Chee Soo Lowe, a Chinese mining expert, has been investigating mining practices here. Lowe is a product of the west – college-bred, cultured, wearing the latest clothing, short hair and a Stetson hat.

Jack London’s ship, the Snark, was impounded until he paid a debt of $247.

Cattlemen win the battle. They can use the city street anytime, day or night. A petition by the merchants swayed the Trustees but some members are disgruntled over it.

Judge Niles Searls, early day Nevada City pioneer, died in Berkeley.

The tunnel has been repaired. The train goes all the way to Nevada City again.

A peeping Tom lurking around Race Street is looking for a punctured hide.

An attorney named Kenley in Grovetown, Texas, shooting from his window, wounded a man named Robb and another named Dunway. It was an accident-Kenley only meant to shoot Dunway.

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