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The Longevity Project Event

Virtual Event on February 27th from 10AM to 1PM

The Longevity Project is a virtual event that celebrates living a long, healthy life.

Please join us for a new, free virtual event titled The Longevity Project with stories from people who are living long, healthy lives and their secrets to longevity. They will discuss many ways to stay healthy well into the golden years!

Virtual Panel Presentation

Homer Nottingham

Will discuss the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi.
Homer has been practicing Qigong and Tai Chi since the mid 80’s when he discovered the Qi cultivation principles and exercises on a trip as Division VP of American Express to Hong Kong. During the 80’s he trained at Esalen in Big Sur and Omega Institute in New York. He has been teaching Qigong/Tai Chi since retiring as Division VP from American Express in 2001. Homer gives members, both beginners and experienced, powerful ways to take charge of their health and well-being, showing you how to boost your immune system and cultivate your body’s capacity to heal.

Carole Carson

Will talk about brain health and exercises to train our brains to stay sharp.
Carole Carson, dubbed “An Apostle for Fitness,” by the Wall Street Journal, is the author of From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction. She currently writes a monthly article for the Union on the topic of “Joyful Aging.” Inspired by her example, more than a thousand people teamed up to lose nearly 4 tons of fat during the Nevada County Meltdown. Based on Nevada County’s achievement, AARP launched an innovative national Fat2Fit online community that Carole led for five years. As part of her contribution, she authored over 800 articles on fitness for AARP ‘s website. Media experience includes appearances on NBC’s Today show, CBS’s Early Show, MSNBC’s Countdown, CNN News and national radio programs. Besides teaching and consulting, Carole has produced a weekly community television show, The Tipping Point, and a reality show, Go Fat to Fit.

Dr. Sean Rockwell

Will share the importance of dental health on our overall health.
Dr. Rockwell began his undergraduate education at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) in 1997. Dentistry entered Dr. Rockwell’s life through his father-in-law, who is an oral surgeon. Dr. Rockwell set his sights on becoming a dentist after enjoying an opportunity to work in dentistry during summer breaks in college. After working in a few different dental offices and clinics, Dr. Rockwell focused on starting his own practice. In 2007, he and his wife Tiana moved to Nevada County with a dream to build a state-of-the-art dental practice dedicated to the health and wellness of the clients that it served. Today, that practice is The Dental Wellness Center of Grass Valley (formerly Rockwell Family Dental).

Keith Thompson

Will discuss mental health and how emotional well-being can play a role in staying healthy.
In 2009 Keith Thompson decided to explore his interest in counseling and therapy after attending Anew Day’s Counseling Skills Workshop. From that experience, he began serving as a lay counselor then went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree, followed by his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brandman University in 2013. He received additional training in Mediation/Conflict Resolution and specialized training in EMDR, a trauma-based therapy. Keith is a member of both the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the American Association of Christian Counselors. Keith’s other areas of expertise and interest include: Relationships and Couple’s Counseling, Addiction and Recovery, Trauma, Infidelity, Abuse, Grief & Life Transitions.

Kelley Kull from Dignity Health

Will tell us what we should eat to stay strong.
Kelley Kull, RDN, CDE, CSO | Kelley is a registered dietitian nutritionist with 30+ years of practice. The most enjoyable and rewarding part of her career is being a catalyst for people to transform their health through diet quality. Kelley has been providing a wide variety of nutrition counseling services in preventative health, chronic disease, and weight management. Her most recent focus is helping patients navigate their cancer care and heart health at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Cancer Center and Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. As a 23-year Stage III breast cancer survivor, her passion for maintaining optimal health and sharing her methods is always at the forefront. When Kelley is not advocating for her patient’s nutritional health, you can find her at home in Grass Valley with her husband and lazy, but adorable lab. Now with 4 grown children, she has extra time to garden, raise chickens and enjoy the running trails of our beautiful county.

Dr. Matt Archer

The Protocol for Health: Seven Unexpected Solutions
Dr. Matt Archer is a second-generation chiropractor who has practiced in Nevada City for over fifteen years. By taking a skeptical approach to a popular but controversial technique called applied kinesiology, he has developed a breakthrough protocol that builds on that technique and an innovative form of manual muscle testing that guides patients to incredibly effective, foundational solutions. The technique and Protocol reveal, and resolve, some of the most confounding health issues of our time. By first addressing that virtually everyone is zinc deficient, which results in weak stomach acid, other deficiencies, and pervasive chronic intestinal infection, the mystery of the gut microbiome (SIBO, candida, parasites, etc.) can be resolved quite simply. This sets the stage for unprecedented absorption of simple, food-based nutrients, and the management of food sensitivities, inflammation, blood sugar issues, and optimal exercise. Under these conditions, people are able to heal most health conditions. The Protocol is challenging and surprisingly simple. The results are unprecedented.

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