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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Go take a hike

By Lorraine Jewett | Special to The Union

Kinsey Is Once Again a Happy Dog. The 3-year-old mini Aussie loves retrieving The Union newspaper for mom Kathy Fraga. Kathy even places a “stunt” newspaper outside her Ridge Meadows home for Kinsey to retrieve on Sundays and Mondays when there is no print edition of The Union. Problem: Kinsey does not like the taste of newsprint, a predilection that became apparent when sunny weather didn’t require the newspaper be wrapped in a plastic sleeve. “I called The Union and left a message, feeling like an idiot the whole time,” reports Kathy. “But, lo and behold, the newspaper started coming in a plastic sleeve again. Kinsey was thrilled to have her newspaper the way she likes it, and she has job security now…”

Kinsey is a 3-year-old miniature Australian shepherd who has won titles in Rally and Agility with owner Kathy Fraga. Kinsey, who was recognized as a K9 Good Citizen at just 4 months old, turns up her nose at the taste of newsprint.
Submitted to The Union

That Kind Gentleman has been a Union newspaper delivery driver for decades, and says he doesn’t mind taking the extra effort for Kinsey. The driver appreciates Kathy’s “thank you” notes, but he didn’t want to be named herein because he doesn’t want to “toot his own horn…”

Former GeeVee Mayor Jason Fouyer, who is currently board chair of the Economic Resource Council, wants to focus on the positive. “I peruse the internet and see so much negativity,” says Jason. “I want to redirect that.” Jason has been soliciting and collecting heart-warming stories of our community during the pandemic, and sharing them on Facebook. “Facebook archives don’t let you forget anything,” explains Jason. “They are there forever and can be shared over and over…”

Jason’s List has more than a dozen highlights, including: Nevada County’s Relief Fund providing grants to struggling businesses and nonprofits, cities closing streets for restaurant expansions, drive-in movies, creation of “Nevada County Kind” and downtown GeeVee’s “Kindness Wall,” the Center for the Arts and Music in the Mountains presenting virtual performances, schools and teachers keeping students’ education on track, and families spending precious countless hours together…

Yubadocs Urgent Care Medical Director Dr. Roger Hicks has a way with words. He talks about “community immunity,” which is ever more elegant than “herd immunity.” Dr. Roger also ends his column in these pages with his easy to recite and remember maxim, “Keep your space, stay in place, and cover your face.” We are lucky to read his words of wisdom here in The Union, and Dr. Roger also shares his expertise as director of the California Urgent Care Association…

“I Have Spent Most of My Life in small, beautiful areas with close communities that were sometimes overwhelmed with visitors,” says Li’l Town resident Cathy Carter, who notes the decidedly rural area of Washington has often been flooded with people fleeing urban areas during the pandemic. Cathy and a few other locals decided to make signs to keep people – and dogs that roam downtown – safe from speeders. “I figured a little sense of humor would draw attention,” says Cathy, “plus make people laugh and think about what they are doing…”

Cathy Carter and a few other Washington residents created hand-painted signs asking visitors, especially those who speed through town, to slow down. Carter says she hopes the signs make people laugh and think about what they are doing.
Submitted to The Union

Kudos to Cunning Cathy. Here is the verbiage on just one of the Li’l Town Signs: “Slow Down. No Doctor. No Hospital. Full Cemetery…”

Cathy Carter and a few other locals decided to make signs to keep people – and dogs that roam downtown – safe from speeders.
Submitted to The Union
“I figured a little sense of humor would draw attention,” says Cathy Carter, “plus make people laugh and think about what they are doing…”
Submitted to The Union

Loyal Reader Jeffrey Boylan is one of many who chuckle at the signs. “They crack me up!” says Jeffrey, who is the Ag mechanics supervisor at the NevCo Fair and a river aficionado. “Slow down and enjoy the ride. You can never drive too slowly through the Little Town of Washington. The signs are a very clever way of helping keep Washington safe…”

Jeffrey Boylan says hand-painted signs in and around Washington made him laugh en route to his favorite spot along the Yuba River with his dog Frankie.
Submitted to The Union

Mary West Wears Many Hats, including sun visors while hiking. Mary writes a hiking column for three newspapers, including this one. She’s also a published author of three books, “Day Hiker Gold Country Trail Guide” in versions 1, 2, and 3, now in their second editions. All offer practical advice and include stunning color photographs Mary shot herself. Her books have won numerous awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of California…

Mary West is the author of three award-winning books, “Day Hiker Gold Country Trail Guide” in versions 1, 2, and 3, now in their second editions.
Lorraine Jewett

You May Not Know Mary has worked in communications for 35 years as a radio reporter, television producer and Cal Fire public information officer. Her husband of 29 years, Micah, edits her books. Their two sons are named Canyon and Ocean. She makes time to hike because she loves it. “I mainly hike on my lunch hour and on weekends,” says Mary. “I also plan my vacations around hiking opportunities.” When not hiking, working or writing, Mary is busy creating a water garden at her Lake of the Pines home…

Published author and newspaper columnist Mary West writes about hiking, hikes on her lunch hour and weekends, and plans family vacations around hiking opportunities.
Lorraine Jewett

From Food to Fairway. Twelve 28 Restaurant award-winning chef Zach Sterner is starting a local chapter of the Mediocre Golf Association (MGA). It’s a real thing, with real tournaments and a website that proclaims, “We all love golf and most of us have played for years, yet somehow we still suck at it. Since the PGA Tour stopped returning our calls a long time ago, we created our own league in 2006” (http://www.MGATour.com). With the slogan “Kinda Alright Since 2006,” the MGA boasts chapters across the globe, with each hosting eight annual tournaments in which “…bogey golf has a good shot to win.” Zach says, “Anyone interested can visit the Facebook group ‘MGA Nevada County’ for up-to-date info, and the link to join is on that page. As soon as I get some official members, I will post a schedule…”

“In These Uncertain Times, times are… pretty uncertain.” That’s the catchy albeit all-too-true opening line of new radio commercials for South Fork Vodka. The GeeVee-based company produces award-winning, gluten- and GMO-free vodka. Owners and co-founders Dan Kennerson and Jon Dorfman wanted advertising that sets their small, craft vodka apart from corporate, mass-produced spirits. “We were playing around recording different ideas when Jon came up with that line,” explains Dan. “We hope people find it funny as well as sincere…”

South Fork Vodka stepped in at the height of the sanitizer shortage early in the coronavirus pandemic, switched up a few distillery procedures, and produced 11,000 gallons of hand sanitizer. The company donated 4,000 gallons to those most in need. Dan says, “We gave some away, sold some, and still have a bunch available…”

Easter Weekend Ushers In reminders of some favorite quotes, allegedly by the Easter Bunny: “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with chocolate” and “A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands…”

Set aside the chocolate just long enough to send your happy happenings to LorraineJewettWrites@gmail.com

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