Savannah Hanson: The solstice – from purification to creation |

Savannah Hanson: The solstice – from purification to creation

Savannah Hanson

You may have heard the terms the third, fourth and fifth dimension.  The third dimension is our every day, physical reality. In this plane, cause and effect are operational and we can learn self awareness and explore our relationship to ego. The body is seen as paramount. In the fourth dimension, sometimes called the astral or etheric plane, life is more fluid and we have the greater ability to create. We are still playing with physicality, ego, time and space. In the third and fourth dimension the illusion of good and bad is still playing out. In the fourth dimension we begin to recognize how thought creates reality and explore unconditional love.

It is considered the bridge to the fifth dimension — or causal plane — where creation and materialization becomes effortless.

In my experience, the fourth dimension is where we play with limitation, separation and victim programs. We witness how powerfully we are attached to control, how many ways we experience ourselves as victims. We begin to fully recognize that it is our minds, not our bodies, that are creating our experience. We become willing to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. It becomes clear to blame another for our experiences simply keeps us locked in suffering.

In order to access the fifth dimension, to experience joy more consistently, we simply must be willing to purify any place within ourselves that is buying fear, believing that we are separate from source. Needless to say, this can appear rather daunting. Yet for those lucky enough to be alive now, we are given the gift of ever increasing frequencies.

On Dec. 1, the Schumann Resonance topped 200, a previously unimaginable number. We have had the biggest solar flare in three years. All of these are increasing energetic frequencies that can lift us into higher consciousness. The good news is that it has never been easier to wake up. The less comfortable news is it has never been more necessary. In these higher frequencies, the gap between thought and creation is shorter than ever. Those locked in hate, attack and blame will be finding it increasingly uncomfortable.

While no one knows exactly what will happen on this solstice, what is known is that on Dec. 21, Jupiter and Saturn will align in the air sign of Aquarius. This momentous alignment is said to be bringing an ever-expanding consciousness on line to be accessed. This will support the release of millennia of separation, of ego based living, and make access to unity more available than ever, moving us ultimately from the energies of purification to a focus on creation.

In my direct experience which I recently had backed up by a man I respect,  Jason Estes, the fourth dimension is where we get to purify any place where we still see ourselves as victimized by circumstances, others, ourselves, the government, etc. Any time we experience fear, hatred, even irritation it is ours to purify where we have become lost in separation. This is the message of so many spiritual masters and books.

This is how it has played out in my own life. I started letting go of family of origin drama as I studied to become a therapist. I began to let go of special relationships and energetic blocks as I became certified in Cellular Memory Release. I gave all thoughts to unity as I explored “A Course of Love” and other channeled materials. Yet I remained a seeming victim of being an empath during one of the most tumultuous times in human history.

To overcome the belief that such sensitivity doomed me to anxiety and overwhelm was one of the most difficult passages of my life. But I was not done. Only in re-reading “The Untethered Soul” did I finally enter the next frontier. I had to face and feel the terror stored in my body regarding the fear this nervous system would always limit me. In my professional experience, it does take a strengthened neural regulation to face such fears. Trained assistance may be required for deeper patterns. I read that until I faced my deepest fears, every single dread and panic and was willing to feel the density viscerally in the body, to allow the energy to simply pass through without story, identification or resistance I would never be free. Until I was willing to say yes to everything that appears in my now, I would stay in suffering. So I said yes.

This is the foundation of my joy experiment, now over a month old. Almost every day I access greater joy and liberation, connection and unity. We can all choose to use the rocket fuel of this solstice to blast us to freedom. What a ride!

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