“It’s about finding the balance between what customers will enjoy while introducing them to new flavors,” Shana Maziarz, co-owner of Three Forks, said.

There is a global wine trend worth noting. Natural wine. You may already have an opinion about it. You may have no idea what it is. Either way it is something to watch and Nevada County is going to be a good place from which to be watching.

To get some perspective I met with Shana Maziarz, co-owner of Three Forks ( in Nevada City. Three Forks is a wonderful brewery. It’s also a delightful farm-to-table style café. And if you want to try some natural wines, it’s the place to go. All the wines are sourced from organic vineyards and produced with naturally occurring native yeast in a non-interventionist style of winemaking.

Rod Byers, CWE, is a Certified Wine Educator and wine writer as well as a California State Certified Wine Judge. He is the host of the local television show Wine Talk. He can be reached at or 530-913-3703.