Susan Wallace: The importance of fostering |

Susan Wallace: The importance of fostering

Susan Wallace
Special to The Union

Most rescues are foster home based. This means they can’t take in a dog off death row until a suitable (screened) foster home is available.

The shelters are often inflexible with their kill dates. So time is always a big deal (to us volunteers and the dog that needs out before they kill him or her). Please know this does not apply to Sammie’s Friends shelter which is a for real no kill shelter, not a word game as it is with some others.

Scooter’s Pals provides all the care the rescued dog needs for the foster home.

We provide all the vet care — and the food if the foster needs it. A bed comes with the dog, a collar and leash and a contact support person we call a “Mentor” who can answer any questions you might have — to make your experience as supportive as possible, for you and for the animal.

We have trainers who are available to advise you and work with your dog and we have local vets who provide great vet care as needed.

All of Scooter’s Pals rescued dogs or cats are fully vetted (heart worm tested, put on monthly prevention, spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated and microchipped) before they are placed in forever homes.

Think of fostering much like fostering for children who have lost their family due to no fault of their own.

Fostering is God’s way of giving you (and us) an opportunity to do a blessed wonderful thing for a homeless at risk animal.

It’s why Scooter’s Pals refers to our fosters as our ‘angels.’ Fosters save lives and we could not do this work without them.

Would you consider being one of our angels? Please consider opening up your home and heart to a foster dog on death row. Contact us: Susan Wallace, Founder Scooter’s Pals by calling 530-301-9335 or 350-2099 — or Scooter’s Foster Coordinator Diva Thompson at 916-220-1600. Email us:

Our next adopathon is Jan. 25. — the fourth Saturday of every month. At Petco on Freeman Lane in the Railly shopping center. 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Please come by and meet our family of “Pals” and help us save these precious lives.

Susan Wallace is the founder and director of Scooter’s Pals, a volunteer nonprofit.

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