Sammie’s Friends hopes to stem ‘cat crisis’ in Nevada County |

Sammie’s Friends hopes to stem ‘cat crisis’ in Nevada County

Joanne Castles
Submitted to The Union

The “2019 Cat Crisis” program is in full swing right now. This is the second time Sammie’s Friends has run this type of program, with the first being in September 2017 and close to 800 cats were altered.

Unfortunately, in 2018, 386 kittens were still turned in to the animal shelter.

This let us know that there are still many cats in the community that need to be spayed/neutered so a second Cat Crisis program was launched. It began mid-February and is still on-going, and so far Sammie’s Friends has paid for the spaying/neutering of over 225 additional cats. These spays/neuters were for family pets in our community and do not include the spaying/neutering of cats turned in to the shelter (that number would be significantly higher). It is our hope to make a difference and finally get the over population of cats and kitties under control and lighten the load at the shelter.

Sammie’s Friends will pay for the spaying/neutering of any cat in Nevada County if financial help is needed. This program is very easy to participate in and most every veterinary in the area is participating. If you have a cat that needs altering, call a vet listed below and make an appointment and ask for the “2019 Cat Crisis” fund to pay for it.

Participating vets include:

Alta Sierra Veterinary Clinic (530-271-0101 Neuters Only)

Animal Clinic of Lake of the Pines (530-268-1266)

Animal Save (530-271-7071)

Best Friends Animal Clinic (530-272-2817)

Brighton Greens Veterinary Hospital (530-477-6863)

Brunswick Veterinary Clinic (530-477-2287)

For the Love of Pets Veterinary Hospital (530-477-5683)

Four Paws Animal Clinic (530-265-3722)

Mother Lode Veterinary Clinic (530-272-6651)

Penn Valley Veterinary Associates (530-432-3125)

Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic (530-478-9141)

So, if you have an unaltered cat please take advantage of this program; after all it’s free, it’s easy, and it’ll make a difference!

If you have any questions, contact Joanne Castles at or come into the thrift store and talk.

Joanne Castles lives in Grass Valley.

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