Cheryl Wicks: Volunteers are priceless |

Cheryl Wicks: Volunteers are priceless


Every month I write an article about some aspect of your pet’s behavior or medical condition.

This month I am writing with a slightly different twist; Sammie’s Friends would like to invite members of our community to volunteer at Sammie’s Friends. We could never do what we do without so many wonderful animal loving people helping out. We could never do what we do without so many wonderful animal loving people helping out. (I wrote this twice because it is that important and that profound.)

We have had volunteers from 16 years old to 93 years old over the years since the volunteer program started 20 years ago. Back when the volunteer program started there was a 68% euthanasia rate at the animal shelter and now it is less than 1%. Having volunteers quickly brought the euthanasia percentage down significantly. I once calculated that all the dog walking had equaled walking around the Earth three times and about 250,000 kitty kennels had been cleaned and about 50,000 phone calls had been answered. What on Earth would we ever do without those amazing volunteers?

We have had volunteers that started out 20 years ago walking dogs and as the volunteer aged they transitioned to the Kitty Kove working with smaller animals and as the volunteer aged more decided to volunteer at the Thrift Store and raise money to help the animals. That’s some kind of crazy dedication, I would say. A few Sammie’s Friends volunteers have been with us for the entire 20 years.

If you would like to volunteer (and we hope that you do) you can go to and read about the various volunteer opportunities and fill out our online application to get started. In summary there are opportunities working with the dogs, cats, in the office and our wonderful Sammie’s Nifty Thrift Store.

In the dog area, dog walkers are always needed, and people who can wash dishes, do laundry, mop floors and generally clean things up are always needed. In the cat area mostly cat kennel/room cleaners are needed to clean litter boxes and feed and water the kitties. Floors need to be swept and mopped, trash needs to be emptied, dishes and laundry need to be done.

In the office phones need to be answered and other kinds of office chores need to be done. At the Thrift Store volunteers are needed in the clothing area to sort, price and put out on the racks. Volunteers are needed to operate the cash registers.

If you have questions about volunteering Sammie’s Friends’ Kitty Kove can be reached at 530-274-1955. The dog facility can be reached at 530-471-5041. Sammie’s Friends Animal Shelter is located at 14647 Mc Courtney Road, Grass Valley, CA. 95949. Sammie’s Nifty Thrift can me reached at 530-273-0603. Sammie’s Nifty Thrift is located at 535 E. Main St., Grass Valley, CA. 95945.

Many thanks to the many volunteers in this community, at Sammie’s Friends and the many other nonprofits that need help.

You keep all the good work — that the nonprofits are able to provide — moving forward. You are priceless!

Cheryl Wicks is the Co-Founder and President of Sammie’s Friends


Kitty Kove: 530-274-1955

Dog Facility: 530-471-5041

Sammie’s Friends Animal Shelter: 14647 Mc Courtney Road, Grass Valley

Sammie’s Nifty Thrift: 530-273-0603, located at 535 E. Main St., Grass Valley

More info:

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