Cheryl Wicks: One more way to help your pet |

Cheryl Wicks: One more way to help your pet

Cheryl Wicks

I have been writing columns for the Pet Section for the past seven years. I do this because I want to share what I have learned over the past 19 years in rescuing 28,000 animals. Of course that herculean effort came with the help of all of you, the magnificent animal loving community. I am grateful to The Union for allowing me to do this.

I love the feedback I get from you readers, about something I have written that was helpful to you in understanding your pet. Each month I ask myself “What have I not written about yet, in the close to 100 columns I have written. Hm?”

I love the many veterinarians this little community is blessed to have. Sammie’s Friends utilizes the skills of every single one of them. I wholeheartedly endorse our veterinarians for their skill, their love of animals, and the enormous contribution they make in this community.

This month I want to write about acupuncture, something many pet owners have never considered or even know of.

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There are several talented veterinary acupuncturists in this community. These same veterinarians practice veterinary medicine, like any other veterinarian, but have this additional ability in their skill set.

I first experienced the benefits of acupuncture when I benefited from it myself about 20 years ago. I was ever so grateful to have avoided major surgery at that time. When I got involved with the animals I began to think, maybe I could find an animal acupuncturist and maybe this could provide help for some animals, when other things didn’t seem to be working as well as the animal needed them to.

The most extraordinary case was a cat that had been run over by a car. His tail had been run over severely jerking his spine and destroying any further use of his tail. The cat could not walk and was dragging his rear legs and he could not poop or pee on his own. The first veterinarian amputated his tail. That was a start but did not restore any use of his legs or allow him to poop or pee on his own. I thought to myself “Whoever is going to adopt this cat?’

The answer “No one.” I took him for acupuncture and within two weeks this cat was up and walking and jumping up on a four foot counter at the veterinary hospital. In approximately 2 months he was able to poop on his own and by four months he could pee on his own.

I realize very few organizations would have tried to help this cat, but we at Sammie’s Friends are pretty determined and have a deep love for every living creature. Eventually this kitty was adopted. It took a village to restore him and I will admit that this is a pretty extraordinary case, but illustrates my point very well.

Wiener dogs have a long back and have been bred in a way that nature probably didn’t intend. In one year’s time Sammie’s Friends sent six wiener dogs for acupuncture when they could no longer walk and were dragging their rear ends. The options at that point were to euthanize the dog, get him/her a cart for use for the rest of his/her life or try some acupuncture.

We tried acupuncture and five or the six were restored to mobility. Of course, this indicates it doesn’t work 100% of the time, but five out of six is pretty good — Eh!

A question often asked is why does this work? My answer is “I don’t know.” I do know that I have seen it produce amazing results, giving the animal a higher quality life. That is our mission at Sammie’s Friends. I am not an acupuncturist myself, and would be happy to share my own experience in using this treatment for animals. I can be reached at 530-913-4810 using voice or text.

Cheryl Wicks is the Co-Founder and President of Sammie’s Friends.

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