Kindness and compassion: Hospital honors exceptional nurses |

Kindness and compassion: Hospital honors exceptional nurses

Mary Beth TeSelle
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Tina Beachy
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Often, after a hospital stay, a person’s memory may be foggy. They may not recall the details of their treatment or diagnosis or even how many days they were there. But typically, every patient leaves the hospital with at least one memory of a nurse who made a difference.

A kind, compassionate and skilled nurse often has a more profound impact on a patient than anything else that happens during their hospitalization.

Last week, Dignity Health Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital joined health care providers across the nation in honoring nurses and the work they do as part of national Nurses Week.

On Friday, SNMH recognized four outstanding nurses with the DAISY Awards, a nationwide initiative to recognize the clinical skill and compassion nurses provide to –patients and families all year long.

SNMH physicians, staff and patients submitted nominations for the DAISY Award. Fifty-one nurses were nominated – a record- setting number for the hospital.

Chief Nurse Executive Officer Monica Biley, RN, says reading the stories shared in the nominations was heartwarming..

“I am truly inspired by all 51 of our nominees,” Biley says. “The winners of the awards this year exemplify the true art of nursing.”

Congratulations to the four winners of the SNMH’s 2019 DAISY Awards!

Tina Beachy, RN

Float Nurse

Tina was nominated by a co-worker who shared this story: “I observed nursing practice at its finest early one morning. Tina had floated to the Emergency Department and when I first saw her, she was discussing the discharge plan with her patient, asking how he planned to care for himself under his unfortunate circumstances – he was homeless. The entire time she was with him, Tina conversed with him, gathering important information from him – not like she was completing a checklist, but as if she was with a lifelong acquaintance. Later, emergency department staff members were talking about how Tina had gotten basins of water and washed the man’s feet. They felt humbled by her actions, and as I write this I, too, am again humbled and in awe of her kindness and the dignity in her care for this man. Tina provides our patients a path to dignity with humility and grace.”

Kirsten Hebert, RN

Ambulatory Treatment Center

Kirstin was nominated by a co-worker who called her out for her collegiality and the companionship and cooperation she provides her team. This impactful statement was shared in her nomination: “She’s always asking to assist you in anyway, she’s respectful of other staff members, an amazing nurse, teacher, colleague. Kristen is a great asset to the ATC.”

Kristen’s nomination describes her commitment to excellence in nursing. A colleague shared, “To sit and listen to Kirsten talk with a patient and family members about their disease, medications, side effects, is a learning experience for me! She is an amazing nurse, teacher, and colleague.”

Chris Bakey, RN

Float Nurse

Chris was nominated by one of his patients. The following is an excerpt from his nomination: “When I think of Chris, the word humankindness comes to mind… When I was in the ICU, I was so blessed to have Chris. He restored my sense of dignity and hope. Chris went out of his way to check on me even after I was transferred to telemetry. His caring manner and kindness resonate with me still, after more than a year.”

Amy Clute, RN

Home Health

Amy was nominated by a patient who she’s been caring for off and on for six months. The patient shared: “Amy is the finest, most caring understanding, knowledgeable and patient nurse I’ve ever known. I felt extremely comfortable with her and so looked forward to her visits.”

Clute says she enjoys partnering with her patients to help them learn how to heal faster and better and how best to care for themselves.

She says the real gift of nursing is in recognizing the relationship between nurse and patient. “Nursing is truly about caring for someone when they are at their most vulnerable,” Clute says. “That is what rewards me. It is a gift to be able to provide care for others.”

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