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3-D mural by John Pugh adorns new co-working space in Truckee

Submitted to the Sierra Sun

A new co-working space has opened in Truckee with an addition by artist John Pugh.

Pugh’s mural at The Lounge At 5817’ reflects the Chinese background history of the building. He has painted a three-dimensional carved out cave in his signature style called “trompe l’oeil” or “fool the eye.”

It is similar to what he surmises would be lurking behind those walls at 10008 South East River St., with lanterns and all, including a tiny mouse. And just where does it go?

With a body of work now exceeding 200 murals, Pugh has been instrumental in revitalizing the trompe l’oeil genre, turning it into a legitimate and vital mode of artistic expression that is both aesthetically and intellectually challenging. In Pugh’s own words, “It can link people together, stimulate a sense of pride within the community, and introduce the viewer to new ideas and perspectives,” wrote Kevin Bruce, author of “The Murals of John Pugh.”

Visit http://www.theloungeat5817.com for amenities and a reservation sign up, or call 530-414-9350 for more information.

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