Tracy Lease: Cultivating vibrant energy even on a winter day |

Tracy Lease: Cultivating vibrant energy even on a winter day

Tracy Lease

I am drained. I am under the weather. These are statements people make when low on energy. This time of year we can succumb to the chilly, gray weather, and the colds and flus people are sharing so readily in grocery store lines and community gatherings. Do you need an energy boost during the winter months? In Nevada County we are in luck. We have teachers and healers offering a variety of modalities that help us support ourselves energetically.

Qi Gong, Yoga, Shiatsu, Sound Healing and Shamanic energy healing are five different ways to restore, balance, build and harmonize personal energy.

Qigong healer and teacher, Elena Rayo says her goal in teaching is to help students become more aware of their bodies and the subtle energies inside while getting out of the mind. She explains, “Students tell me they can actually feel their life force energy more easily in class. They feel how the Qigong movements can remove stagnation and bring in fresh, healing Qi. I love teaching Qigong because I feel that I am empowering my students to tap into their own healing powers.”

Elena reminds us that as Westerners, we often live inside our heads, with constant internal chatter that can keep us out of touch with what is happening in the rest of our bodies. Elena says, “I have observed that this happens even to the point of people blocking out chronic illness until it gets to an acute state.” In Qigong, she explains, the gentle movements, combined with directed breathing, bring us back into our bodies. The exercises are specific, designed to clear out stagnation in our mental and emotional states, which if not addressed, can lead to ill physical health.

Local Shiatsu therapist, sound healer, and Yin Yoga teacher, Miyu Tamamura is also an energy healer. She believes the most important part of moving energy is our intention. Miyu says what she has learned is: Intention + Vibration = Manifestation. Miyu explains, “The vibration is the wave that carries our intention.”

Miyu encourages us all to make space for four aspects of ourselves. She says the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual facets of who we are all need to be touched and harmonized so that we can naturally access the deeper state of peace.

Miyu goes on to say, physical practices are the easiest and most effective way to bring harmony to all four aspects of who we are. When we do physical practices like yoga we become more aware of the prana and breath, which focuses us back to the most essential aspect of ourselves.

Miyu says of her practice and teaching, “I want to be as open as possible, like sky. It’s a state of being that allows the healing we are yearning for. The intentions that we hold will all naturally manifest if we get to that peaceful and relaxed state. Miyu’s question for herself and her students is, “How can we all go deeply inward to touch that state of peace?”

Local Shamanic healer and yoga teacher Zion Guinn says, “All of us are trying to maintain a healthy energy body. This is a vital part of our health and wellbeing.” He recommends that people do practices that will help them cultivate and maintain healthy energy. Zion explains, the Andean healing tradition offers practices that clear our physical, mental, and emotional bodies of stagnation through cleansing and rejuvenating ceremonies. “Through the ritual processes of energy work we strive to balance the energy body so we will be in right relationship with each other and the Earth.”

Zion guides individuals and groups on an inward journey where they ask for divine guidance and innate wisdom to assist in finding what we need to be whole, to honor ourselves. Through understanding archetypal stories, journeying, building altars and making offerings, participants become more connected with their true selves.

Zion explains, “Overcoming traumas and finding lost parts of ourselves, we honor our whole essential selves and heal our energy bodies.”

To learn more about these teachers and their modalities, you are welcome to an open house Feb. 8, from 2 to 5 p.m. at Full Life Yoga Studio. Classes, workshops and personal sessions are available from all three teachers in various locations in the county.

Tracy Lease, owner & director of Full Life Yoga Studio has a passion for teaching Yoga, Pilates, and Mindfulness. An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, she can be reached at

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