Savannah Hanson: Yes we can |

Savannah Hanson: Yes we can

It’s game on for the love revolution. The last decade had many of us scrambling to clear inner density to be ready to be love leaders as we move from a “me” to a “we” world.

I came up with the term “earthkind” last week when I could not find a word to describe what is required of us now as a species. Me, me, me won’t cut it any more. I am deeply gratified by all the offers of support I witness from relatives, friends, spiritual centers, strangers. I also was touched to be at Grocery Outlet and notice how calm and patient all the people in line were, how kind the clerks are. Now I must tell you that three weeks ago I got a mild case of the fear bug and then everyone I met was in fear. I wanted everybody to calm down so that this one’s nervous system was not activated. Good luck with that, right?

This is in support of a universal awakening that is sweeping the planet. As we are guided into seclusion, we can use that time to slow way down, to reexamine our lives and values, to notice what truly matters. We can evaluate where we are “spending” our precious life energy in things that do not truly matter. Do we really need that dollar tchotchke, another new outfit?

I do not underestimate the hit that most will be taking to their nervous systems. To have all our schedules, our structures, those things that have given us the illusion of control swept away so abruptly will be extremely unsettling for most. Yet it is in service to giving us the space to explore how we want actually want to live our lives. Where have we not made time for what truly matters? I am so grateful to whose choosing kindness, generosity.

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Together, yes we can! Let’s come together as community to truly be willing to support each other by staying home unless our task is urgent or our work, family requires it.

It is time to use our resources to support those most vulnerable who will be hardest hit by this. How do we support the homeless, the mentally ill, the elderly? Where as a community, as a nation, as a planet do we choose to place our attention, time and resources? Will we continue to finance global destruction or planetary resurrection? These are vital questions the shut down gives us time and space to consider. Where we place our attention, intention is more vital than ever.

We will not emerge from this experience the same. Certain sectors will not recover. Our life styles may be altered. Yet what I am being shown is a rebirth that is will begin to shift the planet to a return to Eden. A Facebook friend called this the time of the cocoon, giving us the space to emerge as butterflies aligning with our truest values and authenticity. Time to do away with environmental destruction, corporate greed, self serving politics. The wake up alarm is perhaps louder then anyone anticipated. Yet it is vital we all dig deep, keep our feet, extend love and compassion wherever, however we can.

If you are having fear or panic attacks, take deep breaths, look at and name five pleasant things in your immediate environment to orient you in time and space. Be as gentle as possible, rest as much as possible, eat comfort food, wear soft clothes, drink lots of water, take Epson salt baths, keep your attention on what you want, not what you don’t want, focus repeatedly on the holy, be in nature, sing, dance, play as much as possible. The instinctive part of self may well be on high alert. Get help if needed.

Read about trauma. We are a traumatized species waking up from the dream of separation and this often is not easy. Heartfelt prayers for all impacted by this situation, for those who are in fear.

Yet as we clear inner density a new possibility is dawning. Those who have been preparing for decades for this time are experiencing a wondrous sense of power, of certainty, of inner clarity. I feel as though every circumstance of my life has prepared me for this time, had given me the opportunity to face, feel and integrate every previous fear I had that would otherwise be activated now. We can tap in on inner resources to support us through this crises.

I extend profound gratitude to the medical community, the police, the firemen, the grocery clerks, service personal. A deep bow with so much thanks. Together, yes we can! Let’s come together as community to truly be willing to support each other by staying home unless our task is urgent or our work, family requires it. To some degree, we are at choice how serious this needs to get and social isolation is our best defense. I was very surprised by the number of people/ cars I saw when I went to the grocery store. Lives depend on your choice. Please stay home if you can. This is serious!

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