Savannah Hanson: Where is our attention? |

Savannah Hanson: Where is our attention?

I read recently that one of the tragedy’s of our times is that few have sufficient inner resources to choose where to place their attention. Right now, we are asked repeatedly to place our attention on death, separation and fear. I was in Southern California for a week and it seemed that about every 10 feet was a another sign warning us to stay safe by staying away from each, to wear our masks. Freeways continuously flashed the same message.

I call it separation on steroids. I have felt incredible frustration at this capturing of our attention and felt impelled to educated people on the millions of ways this focus on fear is not serving us, on the need for our elders to be touched in order to have the will to live, on the need for sunlight and vitamin D, on how only love is real. But alas ultimately I had to witness how such attempts kept my attention focused on duality and separation and simply did not feel good.

I finally had to see that external reality is simply mirroring the internal reality too many of us have felt enslaved by for too long. Too many of us have had stories of right and wrong, good and bad, for and against playing out within. This is where the true action is. As we shift this inner dynamic, the world will shift with us to a higher timeline called the new earth.

It is obvious to many of us that storm clouds are brewing and that there is much more in store that will seem to capture our attention and lock it into fear. It will feel perhaps paralyzing, even terrifying for those whose nervous systems feel unable to regulate, hold the intensity of fear being presented to us. This is no small matter as suicides continue to rise, get help if it is too much. Ultimately the only way out is through.

Seems to me to get through these times, joy is no longer a luxury but the balm that soothes frazzled nerves.

If we haven’t tasted who we really are, if we are mired in ego, for or against this person, this policy, lost in the deep labyrinth of the internal mind deep state many will find they simply do not know how to survive the current level of intensity. As a species, we have never been more motivated to discover the truth and end the suffering.

Yet trauma will keep the old stories of suffering and wounded identities possibly looping endlessly until we see the trap door. I recently had someone share a long story of the history of their suffering. I felt my body viscerally freaking out as I knew the person was adding cement shoes to their own pain by repeating the story at length, creating an identity locked in trauma. It is essential we discover how to let the past go not by denying it, rather allowing our bodies to recalibrate toward inner safety. We fully honor fear as felt sensations as it arises, in a timing that allows integration in the now, yet without adding the glue of story. I read Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom on this 20 years ago but it has taken till now to get it viscerally.

The amazing thing about these times is it is blasting us with so much light frequencies that it is forcing that which has been hidden in the shadows to the surface. As some of it is so horrifying and surreal, we may find it very difficult to have enough inner spaciousness to bear what is being revealed. So many will become very motivated to find ways to move through the primal fears being triggered.

Yet joy can arise. Pleasure is temporary and rest on external stimulus. Based on the liquor bottles I see piled up at the grocery store, many apparently are trying to escape their own disease. Yet when we fully allow Everything that arises in the now, we can drop into a state of being beyond fear where the very breeze on our skin is an offering of incredible joy.

Seems to me to get through these times, joy is no longer a luxury but the balm that soothes frazzled nerves. Yet to experience the joy of being, we must drop all our false identities. Now this one has placed all her attention on this process for years, given how overwhelming she has experienced life on earth. Yet there is another trap too many fall into here. It is called ditching the human in the hopes of spiritual escapades that let us out of the messiness of the human experience.

Here is what I am discovering. I witness an inner cruelty many will play with in the hopes of escaping their own suffering. Rather than turning into it and feeling it, they will use spiritual platitudes and concepts to wall paper it over. Yet those pesky inner ouchies will keep grabbing our attention. I pray you will not be like I sometimes used to be and try to whisk them away. The answer truly is to love what is, simple, not easy.

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