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Savannah Hanson: Where attention goes, energy flows

Savannah Hanson


As we move through these interesting times, it may feel as though we have no choice but to be swept up in the fear and separation unfolding in the outer world. Nothing could be further from the truth if — and this is the million dollar if — we are willing to take mastery of our attention. Where attention goes, energy flows.

There has been unending solar activity over the last few weeks and months that will be surfacing unresolved trauma, conditioning and programming. None of it is your fault yet all of it is your responsibility.

What can we do with this increasing outer insanity? As within, so without. We need not participate in it. The best thing we can do is stay in neutrality and peace as these historic times play out in the now.

Can be rather daunting to say the least to recognize that we are living through historical times, boots on the ground. I often say to friends I forgot to read the fine print before agreeing to come here during these hugely impactful times. It certainly has our feet in the fire to find another way to choose again.

I recently had a personal experience that had me looking at an ancient yet key limiting pattern of this lifetime. I thought I had resolved it. Turns out there are still some vestiges of this pattern. To let them arise and be seen and embraced without believing they are here to stay, as they did in the past, is no small thing.

In my case, when a beloved child asked something of me that was urgent yet I could not immediately agree to, huge patterns of guilt and shame arose. I had the opportunity to feel the visceral embodied cost of this guilt, to experience what happens in the body when I feel cut off from love, from my own heart, from the other, from source. I was horrified and immediately went into self attack. How could this still be coming up? What a terrible person to be cold to a loved one. The great irony was staring me in the face. How cold and violent to be cruel to this young lost part of myself waiting to be welcomed back home in belonging.

Luckily the mystery provided tons of support to help me question and deeply grieve what was arising. It was so huge and significant I am not sure I could have passed through it on my own. I did not need to. Most support was very unexpected, seemingly out of the blue. In the past I would have tried to control the situation, control the loved one, blast through and take action, do what was not yet in alignment to do, ignore my own uncertainty. Instead, with all the courage a lifetime of this work has bestowed on me, I stayed present and fully allowed the excruciating tension in the body. I allowed and accepted the now as it was presenting without running or hiding. As I said, I was not alone. At the level of form, many people supported me. More importantly, Source had me and all was planned with exact attention to detail as how to break me from the separation of the split mind as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

One of the supports I received came from watching an analysis of the movie “Everything, Everywhere All at Once” by “A Course in Miracles” teacher David Hoffmeister. I felt overwhelmed by the movie and did not get it. David helped me recognize at the deepest level I had ever known, the cost of the split mind. Atonement, he said, is knowing the separation from source/God never occurred. Until now, it is only the mind that has known the concepts and truths for years. Yet the pain of my recent experience had me glued to getting this in an embodied way.

David said we are not required to know how to correct the error our mind makes, we only have to be willing to receive the correction. If we use any scenario or circumstances to tell ourselves that this is keeping us separated from God, we are doing it to ourselves. This can lead to tremendous self blame and attack and I urge you not to go down that road. Instead every time a challenge comes up and we want to throw ourselves on the trash heap, choose again. Ask the mystery to help you change your mind. Simple, not easy. Yet these high frequency energies are making it both easier and more urgent to do exactly that.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Nothing more is required other than to know that we are Christ consciousness in form now. Play well, dear friends. I returned to an abiding peace after the triggers in about 72 hours, out of the spit mind. This is our great opportunity. Let source use every challenge to choose again, choose only peace and that is what ultimately we will remember we are.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or RisingasLove@gmail.com


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