Savannah Hanson: The unspeakable joy of presence |

Savannah Hanson: The unspeakable joy of presence

“Revelation is literally unspeakable because it is an experience of unspeakable love.

Awe should be reserved for revelation, for which it is perfectly applicable.”

— A Course of Miracles

These times are unprecedented in both the possibility to drop into extreme chaos and overwhelm, or to choose again and use the intensity to dive deep through the bastions of the ego thought system and emerge on the other side “trailing clouds of glory” (Wordsworth). The opportunities to reach higher states of consciousness is available through the devotion and willingness to be witness to any time we are triggered. Then we let ourselves feel whatever sensations arise in the body in regards to the trigger. Finally we take ownership of how we have inadvertently and innocently thrust ourselves into separation.

This is the joy of being, the exultation of being fully present in the now on this glorious, tormented planet called earth.

Nine months ago I knew no one closely, personally who had woken up form the dream of separation, now I know five people. The acceleration is profound and while many if not most may feel mowed over by the speed in which events unfold, those with new eyes will discover a rapid passage into unspeakable freedom, peace and joy.

The antidote to fear is presence, the ability to stay out of the mind and in the now, letting all be as it is without preference or attachment, entanglement or specialness. Not an easy climb, yet doable. Within the last few days two experiences jettisoned me further into presence. The first was in dialogue with my soul partner who had patiently been trying to extend a key awareness to me for some time. It would simply bounce off the edges of this mind. Suddenly it was fully received and I heard myself say over and over, “Oh my God!” The mind was fully blown, completely blank, at an absolute standstill. A feeling of profound awe filled me and it was as though I was staring into the cosmos without any visual stimuli. Eyes were closed and no images were present. Only unspeakable wonder and joy. The moment was timeless yet perhaps 5 minutes in time before it began to fade. To this day I have no clue what happened or what was said and have felt no desire to enquire. Yet the knowing will, I am sure, be with me forever.

The second occurred last night, day four of six without power. Having gone through various gyrations of resistance, I had determined to find a way not only to not resist but to find something good about the experience, to discover something new. I ended up experimenting with new behaviors that felt very alive. Yet more miracles were in store. I was sitting outside to soak up the last of the sun’s cooling but still warm rays when I reached over and plucked a cherry tomato from my plant. I took the time to examine it closely and was amazed to see the stem was a brilliant emerald green and filled with what like stardust sparkling in the sun. I was in awe of the beauty, mesmerized by the shimmering, twinkling glitter. I noticed the tomato was not smooth as I had previously assumed, rather it was covered in tiny little hairs. It was warm from the sun and as I bit into it, delicious joy ran through the body.

Then as night descended I lit a candle in a swinging candleholder that was shaped like two snowflakes attached with the candle within. It is made of beads alternating with clear transparent circles of glass. The candle caused the holder to shimmer and glisten. Outside the window a rosy sunset painted the sky as the tiny crescent of new moon complete an image of such exquisite perfection my eyes filled with tears. I was fully present to the glory of the now moment in a way that was rare. The tears were both of a profound and moving joy yet also had the flavor of regret for all the precious moments of my life I had missed because I was not present. I was simultaneously aware of all the food I had eaten without tasting it, all the incredible sights I had seen in my two world travels yet missed because my mind was elsewhere. Yet the moment was exquisite in the perfection of the now, inclusive of the mild grief, house still warm from the sun, candle twinkling welcome, the setting sun bestowing the last blessings of light. Ah dear friends, words can not begin to express the joy. This is the joy of being, the exultation of being fully present in the now on this glorious, tormented planet called earth.

For information on private sessions, classes, or to sign up for the online group Wild Hearts: Co-creating the Joy of Being contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at (530) 575-5052 or

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