Savannah Hanson: The tenderness and mercy of the divine feminine |

Savannah Hanson: The tenderness and mercy of the divine feminine

Holy Cow friends, are you feeling these monumental energy shifts that are moving us at jet speed into ever-deeper connection with source for those that choose this path? I know I am. So much has shifted so quickly it is not easy to choose one thing to focus on. Yet we (the voice of my inner guidance) told me to focus on the continuing arising of the divine feminine.

Just to mention a few of the major themes being presented to this one: being in the new, pulling in both divine masculine and feminine and bringing them into balance, showing mercy and compassion to the human creature, choosing our days with joy as a foundation. Wish I could expand on each of these topics.

What has arisen in the last days is a greater awareness of distortions in the spiritual path that I suspect are being revealed to more of us. Most of my mentors have been men that have served me so beautifully. Yet they also kept me looping in what I call the spiritual Nazi. I would use spiritual truths to whip myself whenever I could not comply with what I know to be true. OUCH! I recently was on a trip, unexpectedly alone, to Southern California. The drive is not something I love, to say the least, and deep fear that with the level of exhaustion that had been arising, I simply might not be able to do it at all.

So when I discovered there were huge energy shifts slated for the day of my drive home, I was truly frightened. The big remaining victim story I have been zero pointing (seeing as neutral, allowing the difficult physical energy to pass through) is that as a sensitive empath, when big energy arises, the nervous system might and often does go a bit haywire. Over the last six weeks I often have been incredibly exhausted. So I tried to pressure and force myself, whip myself with spiritual platitudes into doing it. Yet the days before the drive felt so dead tired I had trouble leaving the room. Eyes felt like lead weights, body was sluggish. Fortunately my friend Ellen intervened and counseled compassion and mercy.

A few weeks ago I had admitted on Facebook how needy I have been feeling. I recently remembered being told my mother could not pick me up for a long time a year after I was born due to a health challenge. This has been coming up strongly in need of allowing this energy to pass through. Sometimes I held it with gentle tenderness, other times it was like “get over it!”

Ellen helped me see truly how unkind I could be toward myself. In a real way she was the antidote to my unwillingness to hold the lost one. We had not spoken in over a year nor been in much contact in over a decade. Yet she was guided to reach out to me at the perfect moment.

My willingness to hold my own neediness allowed the universe to present others who would also hold me. Prior to this, two close friendships dropped away in the face of this neediness. I had done the same to a friend last year.

I detail this to give a taste of how this new energy arises. It is so different from the male model presented to me of “just do it!” This has space and compassion for the traumatized, the wounded, the human. It is a combination of both the need to be super aware of the power of the mind to create or mis-create and the need to be compassionate to the sometimes fragile creature, the human who just needs so much love especially when trauma, terror, despair, hopelessness show up.

Instead of kicking the human to the curb by shouting spiritual laws, the opportunity is to tenderly love where we are right now, not needing to be the ideal self. The yes is always to the one now, not the future one who has their act together. The divine feminine both requests and may demand with fierceness that we have compassion for self and other, never making another wrong despite what they may be doing. If we could see the great suffering that is behind unskillful behavior, it would be easy to extend only love.

The speed at which these new energies are arriving is unprecedented and requires impeccable self care. They are asking us to find the joy in our lives, the connection first to self and then to extend that inner spaciousness, once accessed, to others. It asks us for the greatest compassion for self and others. As always, this is my experience. Take what fits and leave the rest.

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