Savannah Hanson: The Spirit of joy |

Savannah Hanson: The Spirit of joy

Savannah Hanson

“Yes, the world is sad, tragic and the suffering terrible. But we have been shown how in such times we must and can be gallant and to be gallant is to be joyous and to have true joy we must have faith. The kingdom of heaven is happiness because those who have found it and abide in it have become aware of the beauty of the infinite Spirit … Challenge everything with the Spirit of joy.” (Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood)

Challenging everything with a spirit of joy can feel like a rather tall order. It is certainly mission impossible when we are run by the split mind. It is also impossible when we perceive joy as contained in our external circumstances. Probably all of us have had an experience of a vacation that did not meet our expectations, rather caused disappointment. It can be quite a shock when we finally real eyes (realize) that nothing external satisfies permanently rather it leaves us hungry for something more, something new.

These intense times are intended to guide us to the only place peace can reside, in inner Wholeness, in knowing Who we are. What stands in the way of that knowing are outdated beliefs and limiting conditioning caused by trauma. This is what keeps us locked in suffering, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The miracle of these times is that more of us will find the open doorway of the prison, discover it was we ourselves who locked us away and then threw out the key. It is painful to witness it is our own minds creating the turmoil. Once a client said he wanted to tear his own head off! Yet for those committed to this path of awakening, we are certain to discover an inner Wholeness that needs nothing more, yearns for nothing external.

Many of us have spent eons as seekers. Yet the funny thing about seeking is the inherent assumption is that something is lost. Turns out Who we are was never lost, merely forgotten. Now that merely can feel like a distance of a billion miles. So many of us took the workshops, read the books, did the practices, the yoga, mindfulness, meditation. Yet many will still ask, why am I still in pain? The answer is simple yet not easy. It is because we falsely belief we are separate for Source, from ourSelf. How do we get back to this innate knowing?

Once we have accessed enough Spacious Presence our minds are open enough to begin to Know, through direct experience, that the answer is indeed within. Now we can stop this endless self improvement game. As “pioneers of the new … Your work … is to accept the new, and deny or refuse to accept the old.” A Course of Love. These are our marching orders.

In my experience, this is again paradox. We accept the isness of the moment, feel what we feel as physical sensation, sometimes that isness is an ancient grief, a burning rage, a profound sadness, a heart tightening panic. We accept the now by fully allowing viscerally, welcoming and comforting this lost aspect of self. Yet many of us go beyond what is happening in the now into the story of the past, the old wounds, the litany of past suffering. Can we simply allow what is without mind tripping?

We can simply let any thoughts drift away like passing clouds, a favorite Buddhist image. We allow ALL thoughts and feelings without judgment, whether they be bizarre fantasies or brilliant ideas. “Let go your resistance to thoughts that seem of the old pattern. That you know they are of the old pattern is enough. Let them come. Let them go.” A Course of Love.

This is the opportunity of these times, to simply let the past go and live in the eternal NOW. It may feel like you are trying to fly with fledgling wings, sometimes soaring in joy, others crashing in unease or agitation. No matter! All is well!

I am creating an online group for those scouts interested in crossing this new frontier. Those of courage are required to seed this new consciousness, these new freedom codes. When we come together in unity, we offer each other missing pieces of the puzzle, we inspire each other with our individual and shared direct experience. We lend a hand when one falters. We hold each in unconditional love and encouragement. I have now directly tasted a place beyond duality, a place of Wholeness where no more was needed. Let’s come together in the unity of community to create this new earth and claim our power!

For information on private sessions, or to join the new online group Wild Hearts: Co-creating the Joy of Being, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at (530) 575-5052 or

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