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Savannah Hanson: The power of unity

Savannah Hanson

“Accept as a principle that there is nothing to achieve, because what we seek, we are already….When you see this, you will feel how far each step you take to reach you is moving away from you. It is then that a completely natural release takes place, because there is nothing to gain, nothing to lose. See how this understanding affects you. You will naturally discover yourself as you were before you were born… When you say ‘I don’t know,’ you will find that you are what you are looking for. When you track down the ‘I am’ through techniques or systems, you objectify it. You really have to see in your daily life that when you are looking for it, you are moving away from it. When you become aware of it, there is a complete letting go….We can never discover what we are, we can only discover what we are not, because we are, in all circumstances, what we are. And to know what we are not, we must discover what is what we are not: our thought-body.”

— Author Jean Klein

Those who are energetically sensitive will be feeling the huge frequency shift as we move into this new decade. It is as though we were playing checkers and now we are playing chess. The “rules” of how to thrive in the new frequencies have moved. The last decade was about clearing, releasing, letting go of conditioning, limitations, ego. The new decade is about heart coherence, unity, community, joining, cooperation, appreciation, compassion and harmony.

Many of us who are sensitives will have been spending lots of time alone during parts of the last decade, in our sanctuaries, processing the intensity, minimizing interactions with the world. For many of us the idea of going to a mall, a large concert or sports event was simply impossible while the deepest energies were being integrated. Yet we may be asked to get back into the world, to bring our insights, our sensitivities, our love and kindness to those who are lost in suffering, who do not know who they are.

The time to be willing to be radically honest is now. Can we trust our authentic response to our fellow humans, say yes to what arises in the now? We are being asked to come together as humanity.

Today I listened to a call sponsored by Heart Math with Gregg Braden. He was talking about the scientific evidence of how heart coherence influences the entire population and is the antidote for these times. The chaos offers us both danger and opportunity with a critical element being heart coherence.

After decades on a spiritual quest, I have come to see that the last special relationship, the one that keeps all suffering in place is one few will be willing to look at — it is with ourselves, with identification as a singular person, with our bodies, our needs, our safety. The long quote at the beginning of this article points to this difficulty in being the awareness of our true identity. The true I is not interested individual concerns. The personal has been integrated into wholeness. The current state of the Earth is asking us to move from me to we. In fact, it is no longer asking, it is demanding.

The state of planetary union has never been, paradoxically, more alive and more disparate, separated. Eckhart Tolle calls the new reality the New Earth. Here cooperation and sharing are the norm. In the third dimensional old world, strife, rage, violence, disruptions are the counterpoint that demand a change of values as a species.

I see this in my own life. After a decade of being consumed with processing the very intense energies of separation wherever they arose, I am now being asked to shift focus. It began a year ago asking me to move to joy. The two words I have received for my focus for 2020 are power and unity. To see clearly, to see with 20/20 vision we must begin to look with eyes of unity. To do so we will have to let go of the old rules of separation and limitation. One way those old rules played out was by being willing to be false to ourselves, in order to seemingly be polite to another. We would not allow our authentic response to a situation if it would be deemed to be discourteous. Sometimes our true response is not always genteel. For too long we have been willing to betray ourselves in the name of some social norm. We would stuff our feelings, our needs, our genuine response that authentically comes from our nature. The time to be willing to be radically honest is now. Can we trust our authentic response to our fellow humans, say yes to what arises in the now? We are being asked to come together as humanity. Let’s join in the power of unity!

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