Savannah Hanson: The new currency of sharing unconditionally |

Savannah Hanson: The new currency of sharing unconditionally

Savannah Hanson

Change is unfolding so rapidly it can feel very disorienting. Survival fears are arising for many. We may be fundamentally questioning our values, lifestyle, relationships, choices. As the very foundations of our lives crack and shatter, we are being asked to examine what truly matters.

Many Americans pride themselves on being independent and self sufficient. Yet this very quintessential American trait can led to great loneliness and isolation. Our insistence on doing it ourselves may feel increasingly threatening.

Yesterday I was guided to converse with a man in a parking lot. He was towing two four-wheelers and I asked him if he had had fun with them. He practically started crying as he told me he had just driven back from Arizona after his brother threw him out at the beginning of the visit because of virus concerns. Then man assured me he had just tested negative for the virus at the VA hospital. The look on his face was heartbreaking.

Conversely, I had just been talking to a friend about her business trips to Thailand. She told me the border was still closed and I wondered how it had impacted their economy which relies largely on tourism. She assured me that they were much more supportive of each other and thus were faring relatively well.

Together we have the power to create from love or fear. What we each choose for all will be what arises in our own lives.

When on our world travels, we had almost $10,000 between us in traveler’s checks when we arrived in Bombay. At night we would step over people, families living in the streets, yet we felt perfectly safe. There was an abject sorrow at the poverty yet also a feeling of the community of support those people seemed to have that we lacked.

When we were camping in Mexico, a family invited us in. She was pregnant and had five children, all living in one bedroom. The whole house consisted of three rooms, all with dirt floors, including the kitchen and tack room. They insisted on sharing all their meals with us. When we tried to eat out, they put their bed in front of the gate so they woke up when we returned, again offering us a meal! When we left they gave me the only decorative items they had, a hand stitched tortilla cloth that remains one of my most prized processions.

I just listened to a broadcast that talked about the bonds of affection being the new currency. This immediately supported the feelings, intuitions, guidance I am receiving inwardly. It is time to come together in community and support each other through these uncertain times. This requires us to explore and integrate powerful survival patterns that may be deeply embedded in the psyche, that tells us that it is every man for him/herself. I know very profound survival programs are arising in this body to be met, held, embraced and ultimately transmuted. We may fear our finances, our living situation, our access to vital resources. Yet if we believe the answer is to horde, to ensure only we survive, mayhem will surely ensue.

Someone told me the sale of firearms and ammunitions is way up, with about two million firearms being sold in March alone. This does not bode well for our future. Yet the wonderful demonstrations of sharing and support here suggest a brighter future.

The other day I had one of the most profound experiences of my life. With this sensitive nervous system, I have never found life on earth particularly easy or gentle. I was doing a meditation imaging my ideal future, the vision for the world I wish to energetically support. I highly recommend this daily practice. Each day I infuse the new earth with cooperation, kindness, compassion, gentleness, intimacy, support, enough for all. I have cried as I imagine that no one is homeless or hungry. I lend my energetic frequency to the arrival of this new earth.

And here is the miracle. For the first time I was able to feel the bliss physically in this body of this vision manifesting into reality. I felt it as though it was already here and knew it was the completion of eons of desire and intent. I cried with joy, witnessing how this community was embedded in a foundation of love and equality, each member held as equally valued. Each contributed with their gifts and talents. All felt seen and a great intimacy pervaded this environment. It was a long held vision alive in the now.

We are at a critical choice point, dear friends. Do we want to create the next phase of our history with self interest controlling all, with the almighty dollar trumping the environment and the corporate profit more valued than individuals? Do we want to protect our interests with guns, making sure just our loved ones have enough? Or can we imagine a world where we will be as one?

I can’t imagine a more vital question to be asking. And I encourage you to daily see the world you imagine would be an ideal new earth. Together we have the power to create from love or fear. What we each choose for all will be what arises in our own lives. Choose well, dear community.

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