Savannah Hanson: The gift of 2020 |

Savannah Hanson: The gift of 2020

I just read an amazing post from a friend of mine about all the insights she gained in 2020. Now I think we can all agree 2020 has been a kick-ass year and I am guessing many of us won’t be sorry to see the back side of it as it passes.

Yet for me and many others it has brought amazing gifts of awareness, of recognition of what truly matters. The time alone away from the previous busyness of life has brought so much to the surface to be explored, investigated, inquired into. I have a few people in my life who say this has been the best year ever and a few who feel crushed.

For the solstice, I always explore what it is I am ready to leave behind in the old year and what it is I am ready to create and embrace. That is the gift of this powerful Jupiter Saturn conjunction that is dropping us even more fully into the age of Aquarius. We are now at an energetic frequency where creation is more possible than ever. This is fabulous news when we are creating consciously, not so much when old beliefs and patterns of limitation dominate consciousness. The one thing that is certain is that it has never been more vital that we take dominion of our own consciousness.

For me when looking at the global situation it seems 2020 has been separation and fear/guilt on steroids. The mask is a perfect symbol of the year. Yet it is also an opportunity to look at what we have masked from ourselves, hidden from others. Where are we hiding behind a mask of inauthenticity, of trying to be perfect and always doing it “right?”

Ironically, for me and some of my friends the masks have been ripped away. We have been confronted with our deepest inadequacies, wounds, limitations, vulnerabilities, fears. The question is what will we do with this unmasking? So many brave hearts and souls dove in to discover where we have been lost in separation, where we have forgotten our divinity.

I have made some amazing discoveries this year. I believe it was about six years ago when I heard Matt Kahn say our challenges turn out to be our greatest gift, that we can look beneath any obstacle and discover a miracle. At the time I was saying no way! Yet I have discovered exactly that. This year I was able to zero point, bring to neutrality the two greatest traumas of childhood, truly see the gift. Now that is no small thing! Another example is it used to drive me batty that my daughter was/is so willful, one of the most headstrong according to her teachers. Yet she was the perfect antidote to help cure me of the controlling behaviors I developed from a childhood of living under extreme control. If she had been weaker, I would have mowed her over. See how this works?

Here’s a kick in the pants. The biggest things 2020 revealed to me were that I am not broken and neither is anyone else. I am not a victim of this nervous system and can actually enjoy life on this wacko planet. Yet at the same time I recently discovered an inner critic who tries to crush any experience of victim or extreme neediness. Threw the baby out with the bathwater. So yes, I could not be more delighted that there is so much less drama in my life, that I feel peaceful most of the time. But it is back to the drawing board as I realized I had gotten a little carried away with claiming my own sovereignty this year. So much subtly for me in this game of life. A constant exploration and refinement of what feels good. And one of the most fun choices this year is to only do what feels in alignment, brings joy. The joy experiment has gone so far that the other day when I tried to just answer a Facebook comment out of obligation, I got so dizzy I had to lay down! I kid you not.

My dear community, we are now at the frequency where we get to decide what this new earth will look, feel and be like. Will we create more fear, separation, right/wrong? Will we focus on differences particularly now politically? Or will we finally come together and treat each other with kindness and care, recognizing our inherent unity? The question has never been more vital. If we wish to create peace on earth, there really is only one choice. Choose love.

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