Savannah Hanson: Spacious presence |

Savannah Hanson: Spacious presence

As outer chaos increases it becomes ever more important we keep our seats. Duality and polarity will continue to amp up for the foreseeable future. An us or them mentality may seem as though it is driving the collective into conflict. Yet we are being asked to remain in the field beyond right doing and wrongdoing, thank you Rumi.

As we are triggered with possibly a seemingly endless number of challenges, we are being asked, nay forced, to find another way, to choose again unless we want to continue to suffer. The only way to reach the inner wisdom and knowing that is always available to us is to access what my friend John Mark Stroud calls Spacious Presence.

The deeper we are willing to surrender and dive into the visceral sensations that arise when we are triggered, ultimately the more access we have to the vast Spacious Presence. Until finally, no matter what circumstances arise, we are able to embrace them with compassion, calm, peace. This place of not feeling the need or willingness to attack another, no matter how much their opinions differ from ours, becomes automatic, inherent.

I had two opportunities to practice this recently. In one case several friends with differing views were seemingly attacking the character of anyone who could think as I think, see as I see. A couple of friends came to my defense. Yet I was guided to offer no defense and to rest in the knowledge that these were good people who were simply activated. My favorite and life long lesson is #135 in “A Course in Miracles” — if I defend myself I am attacked. Within a day or two the whole event simmered down and we were able to reconnect, sharing our common humanity.

In the other case, an exercise exploring the shadow in a workshop I was in, after I had exposed one of my most vulnerable wounds, one of the witnesses told me he judged me for that behavior. I felt traumatized to be judged in such a vulnerable moment. I expressed clearly yet without blame what I was experiencing and how it was affecting me. These times are calling us to grow in inner mastery and authenticity.

It seems the impact of duality is almost immediate. If we say or do something unskillful, it seems to boomerang back very quickly. Yet by the same token, if we do something loving, generous, harmonious, these too often result in immediate gifts or gestures of goodwill. At least that is how my world operates. Our beliefs, both life affirming or less skillful, can manifest almost instantaneously.

With so much stress in the environment on so many levels, it takes a very aware consciousness not to move into reaction. Yet this is the foundation of the new earth that is being birthed now in the age of Aquarius. As structures continue to crumble before our very eyes, this can be very destabilizing.

I have heard 2021 called the year of disclosures. My strong sense is that much that is revealed will be so shocking that many will have such cognitive dissonance that they will literally not be able to take in what is being exposed. I know that has been the case for me.

How do we respond when we encounter evil? I have had to take a deep dive into my response to evil. Someone very close to me was subjected to unfathomable horror and I continue to allow the sensations of intense grief, sorrow, even despair to wash through me viscerally. The same is true as I hear some of what is occurring at the global level. We may be exposed to information that turns our worlds upside down. To be able to meet these challenges as the human species, my feeling is we will have to adapt and become a nation, a planet not of independence but rather of interdependence.

It is vital in these times that we simplify and focus on joy. Stress is a killer. If our focus is just on world horror, this impacts health. Find something to appreciate daily. Sing, dance, play. Spend time in nature, in silence. Breath. Look away from world events and focus on creating the most peaceful and loving life we each can.

Several times I have experienced the new earth in a visceral way, transported mysteriously into our future. The first time lasted over half an hour and had me crying copious tears of relief and celebration. This IS our future. Yet how long it takes for this future to manifest, with what difficulty and foray’s into suffering depends on the choices each of us make. We truly create our own reality within the confines of a global collapse. The golden rule has never been more important. We can choose to attack and defend or we can choose to find a way through the destruction of the old to enter the paradise of the new with grace and a willingness to choose only love. Many of us have been preparing for these times for eons. Let us come together.

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