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Savannah Hanson: Remaining in peace

Savannah Hanson

“I thank you for your compassion and for your desire to be of service to the world. But I call to you from peace and ask for you to remain in peace with me and let not the suffering of the world call you from it … live by the law of love in every circumstance …You are as pioneers of this new world.”

— A Course of Love

I have spent more time than ever before devoted to the last two columns, taking on a false sense of responsibility. I found myself lost in the rescue archetype that has dominated so much of my life, desiring to have magic words that could sooth activated nervous systems. I want to support those in fear, anxiety, maybe even panic. I know those inner places so very well and have deep compassion. Yet I am called to another role. I could not fully embrace it until I worked through the concern that it might appear insensitive to those lost in fear.

Yet this I know. As “A Course of Miracles” says, one problem, one solution. The problem appears to be separation (fear) and the answer is to know it never happened.

If you want to do something to be supportive, do simply that, rest your attention on love and breathe deeply.

Another vital one for me now is lesson 135, “If I defend myself, I am attacked.” I have this one memorized and worked with it for decades.

Why is this so vital now? Many will become lost in fear. Since stress is the cause of 60-90% of all accidents/illness, it is vital we find our way out of stress. Given current conditions and the desire for control, we can quickly see that control is an illusion. There is nothing we can do to guarantee our safety or that of our loved ones. We will give it our best attempt and my heart goes out to those who may blame or shame themselves for getting it “wrong,” for not doing enough. I personally had to come to a place to see that my only safety, my only certainty lies within, in my relationship to source or Christ consciousness.

I was in town over a week ago stocking up. As “A Course of Love” promises, I felt a new clarity, informed in a way I had never known. Go here, don’t go there, get this, go this day, this time. The sense of relief to not need the character Savannah to know what to do was immeasurable. I was guided with every step. This is the only answer, this is what I need to share because ultimately this is the only thing that will work, that will get us through these tumultuous times. If I think I need to figure it out, I would feel crazy. The small self simply does not know. Yet the self is in touch with the same intelligence as runs the multiverse and knows exactly what to do and not do.

Two and a half years ago my then mentor Nouk Sanchez told me I needed to know my problems were not real. That made zero sense to me and it has taken me until now to live into this truth. Dear community, we do create our own you-niverse, nestled in the outer world. Yes, chaos may rage around the world, yet our worlds can be peaceful, joyous, harmonious. I hesitate to admit this, yet I have known a joy I had never previously tasted, all mixed with grief and anger. This despite the seeming appearance of financial concerns, living alone, family far away, etc. It comes from time to appreciate nature more, from slowly cooking my own food (a task I used to hate), from silence and stillness. Yet primarily it comes from knowing who I am, from now moving from maintaining to sustaining Christ consciousness. As I look deeply in to our current situation, nothing else makes sense. I (Savannah) am simply not clever enough to figure out how to respond to a global crisis.

Yet the “I am that I am” knows. It informs me. It is as though all those years of study, of clearing anxiety, fear, co-dependency have prepared me to not just survive, rather to thrive in these times.

It is glorious to witness companies reaching out with support, so many individual offerings of free events, seeing our skies and waters clear, watching offers of support country to country. It is heart opening to hear all the extensions of love, to see families and friends come to together as never before. Yes, I am very aware that there is also so much chaos and suffering. Yet where attention goes, energy flows. Where we place our attention is vital to our well being.

I was in the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake living near a collapsed freeway. The news on TV traumatized me, convincing me the whole city, the whole world had collapsed. That is how fear operates. Now I focus on where I can extend love, who needs kind words, how to nurture and comfort myself. Beloved community, if you want to do something to be supportive, do simply that, rest your attention on love and breathe deeply. Ultimately fear dissolves. The time is now, the person is you. We got this.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20 minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or

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