Savannah Hanson: Rebirth for new earth |

Savannah Hanson: Rebirth for new earth

Some of the biggest weapons of the ego thought system is shame, blame and self hatred. They are intricately tied together.

While guilt says I did something wrong, shame says I am something wrong. Shame is one of the most insidious ways we keep ourselves tied to the wheel of suffering.

I have written about this repeatedly. Why? Because so many get caught in the web of shame. This is one of the best ways to crucify ourselves. Old religions have used sin to keep us in hell, now we have a new age of spiritual rules that manage to keep us locked in a similar maze.

Even the promise of happiness is a carrot that can be turned against us to prove how it is our fault we are suffering. We are to blame because we dared to think a negative thought, we were unkind to the AT&T representative when our internet failed for the hundredth time, when we had no clue how to love ourselves. Surely that is the reason why I am in so much pain.

The spiritual ego loves to usurp the journey home to self. Once it catches the name of the new game it rejoices at the endless ways we can now trap ourselves in the labyrinth of our own minds. We know the rules so surely it is our fault that despite years of effort, we are still not free of the torments of an unconscious mind.

Here’s the deal friends. The journey takes as long as it takes. Many will spend what feels like an inordinate amount of time unraveling the numerous strands of ego fear that strangle our own inherent worthiness and innocence. For many there has been a period where the best we can hope for is to survive the experience where the ego thought system gives it its best shot at convincing us we are worthless. The ego tries to convince us we will never get free, that it is our fault, that we are the only one that just can’t get it, that we are the most defective piece of garbage that was ever born. Yes, it can get that ugly.

This is when we have to stay the course. We hold on with blind faith and trust, using it to anchor us in a foundation of love as the ego throws up its greatest weapons during the dark night of the soul. This period varies dramatically from person to person. Various spiritual adepts have mapped the terrain this torturous period may take. This is no small endeavor yet we remain convinced we are the throwbacks that are just too stupid to get it.

At the same time the current intensity lends the possibility of passing through this period relatively unscathed. I know one man who did not find this period difficult and have a client who is passing through at supersonic speed. Never has it been more urgent, more required, more available to break free of the false self of fear. Information and awareness of the secret teachings that used to be closely guarded by various lineages are now becoming widely available.

To blame ourself for the intensity of this process is the height of absurdity yet many if not most will be caught in this snare. The antidote is innocence. Yet this too the ego may cleverly usurped. Many of us have worked hard to free ourselves of all conscious guilt completely unaware of how subterranean this insidious poison has penetrated the deepest bunkers of the ego thought system. When I became aware of the hidden ways I was still holding profound guilt, I literally sobbed for hours as I reclaimed my innocence in a more universal way.

Even the obvious benefit of opening our hearts can be turned against us. “Do not try to open your heart. That would be a subtle movement of aggression against your immediate embodied experience… Instead bow to the heart in its current state…Trust that when the heart is ready, and not a moment before, it will open like a flower…” Jeff Foster

This awakening has historically been a very complicated and often excruciating endeavor. Lack of will to live and fears of insanity were part of my unraveling as it has been for many. Yet for some, the door will open without that cultural baggage of intense trauma. Honor your path and cherish your innocence, however long it takes to return to Love. These high frequency energies allow glorious new opportunities to be the Accomplished, Christ Consciousness NOW! Today is my birthday. Let this be a day we are rebirthed into the new possibilities for joy, power and the creativity to birth a new earth.

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