Savannah Hanson: Play well |

Savannah Hanson: Play well

Savannah Hanson

So after everything I have experienced and witnessed I am coming to a very new conclusion about the “purpose” and meaning of life. If I was given just a few words to give to my daughter to summarized what advise I have about life, it would be these: Play and love well!

Please understand prior to the last weeks or just days it would be some spiritual mumbo jumbo about seeking and finding the higher self. Yet now I see if we simply knew how to play well and share, we’d have this life thing down.

This one’s life has been a continuous dismantling of worldviews. The latest and one of the greatest to start to toter is the idea of life purpose. Well shoot, so many get hung up on this one and I was secretly relieved to be sure what mine is/was. I focused so much of my life force on it, but I did not necessarily play well while doing so. So imagine my shock to be in the presence of a group of intrepid wanders living their purpose — if you want to call it that — which I am sure they probably would not, by playing very well indeed. In fact, they are some of the best playmates I have ever had. They showed up most unexpectedly after a last minute call requesting camping privileges on my land. I agreed without hesitation even though I only knew one of them in person and had not spoken to her in two years. When they arrived, even though several of them I’d only “met” through Facebook, it was clear I knew them.

The way they interact and hold each other was so moving. I was instantly brought into this love field and so much moved for me in the 40 hours they were here. They have a clear life vision but they are not “achieving” it through effort, rather they are living it and letting it grow organically while they play. My dear friend said to me “We do not heal through truth, rather through love.” I’d say its both — but one without the other is an unpalatable meal.

For years I devoted myself to the spiritual path with absolute devotion, hoping to jump out of this human suffering. So when I was told there is no Savannah, she is just a character I play, I was all over that. So we can ignore all those messy needs. Not so fast sister. I see I inadvertently contributed to my own suffering.

My friend who is a non dual teacher tells me this is a common trap. Forget that suffering and sit on a cloud of peace, mediating and navel gazing. No need to worry about the suffering of others or even interact with others because there is no other. Ouch! Yet I fell for it until I didn’t, until the human creature begged for mercy and was finally heard. Friends could see how I was inadvertently re-traumatizing myself , yet it took awhile to see this.

Many people will do anything to get free of suffering. Yet the answer is in the middle, being in the world but not of it. We dive into what is arising whenever we can, but sometimes we will be so flooded all we can do is comfort the creature crying for mercy. We become artists dancing between the human and divine. And all along the priority is joy and play. We drop the seriousness which is particularly vital as continuous revelations rock our world. We teach only love which can mean taking a nap, expressing our energetic anger through punching a pillow or walking in nature. It is an integration of human and divine, finding the zero point balance.

To do so we make nothing and no one wrong, we simply choose what playground we want to play in. We do not judge self or other, rather simply notice if a particular behavior seems to bring joy or contraction. If it is contraction, we allow all the sensations in the body and as best we can, choose again.

Right now we are a very traumatized species in shock over what is being revealed. It sounds counter intuitive but one of our best “strategies” is to simply play well. Try it and see what unfolds.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20 minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or

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