Savannah Hanson: Neutrality and the power of now |

Savannah Hanson: Neutrality and the power of now

Savannah Hanson

Many will have key relationships or situations that were foundational to their lives abruptly shift or disappear. This is often the exact medicine required to lead us to the zero point field where we exit duality and enter the peace and power of now.

Through trial and error, we discover the inherent peace that rest in neutrality, the gateway beyond fear and suffering.

While spiritual masters have shared this still point for generations, it is only direct experience that can take us to knowing. For most, this lesson is learned through the contrast of suffering. Yet after a million two by fours to the head, we become willing to choose again, to find another way. When we don’t get the parking place or our restaurant meal is cold, we stay neutral with ensuing peace. Yet then we encounter the hierarchy of illusions, that says that a cold is much less significant that being fired or losing our homes. So we continue to say no to these new situations with resulting stress and tension. Physical aliments may grow more common or serious. But still we stay committed to our no.

Yet gradually the pressure becomes too great and then we might be willing to choose again, to say yes to even the greatest discomfort or loss. When we do, a seemingly amazing thing happens and we discover that regardless of what is happening externally, we have the option to remain at peace internally. When we say yes to every present moment, we discover through our direct experience the power of now and engage even further in neutrality.

When we do so, another mystery begins to unfold. We recognize that the more we say yes, the more problems either disappear or are easily resolved. At first it might seem a fluke yet over time the pattern becomes obvious. We say yes to the lost wallet and it is found, yes to an uninsured motorist damaging our car only to discover that not only does insurance cover it but now we can paint the car a preferred color. A key relationship leaves and we end up meeting a whole new circle of friends.

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Once we stop making problems real, stop trusting our five senses to report to us why fear and the ego are right, we are first blessed with an ever increasing peace. It is almost as though we have crossed some kind of frontier into a whole new reality where magic and mystery answer every need without effort or control. Our trust deepens and after eons of cursing life with attended problems, drinking, smoking, shopping, drugging our way to oblivion, we rub our eyes and wonder if we have landed in Oz. Surely this pattern can not continue indefinitely?

Yet as our trust grows more expansive, it does continue. As we are willing to say yes to the rings of fear, yes to loss, feel what energy arises in our bodies as long dreaded outcomes arrive, we discover grace, a trap door that seemingly drops us into a place where more often we know our own inherent worthiness, where we choose to love ourselves moment to moment, let go of all our perceived shortcomings. Rather we embrace our wholeness now, despite perceived flaws and rediscover joy.

This is the power of now, where day to day life is no longer something to resist against, try to control, plan how to escape from. Out of the chaos of disappointments and disasters, the new earth begins to emerge. In this land, people cooperate, everyone has our best interest at heart, others go out of their way to offer support. Here answers arise before the question is even asked.

We shift our attention from what is wrong in our world to appreciation for what is right. Daily gratitude is the foundation of our being. Quantum physics tells us what we focus on increases and we see this play out daily. Eyes are glued to miracles, gratitude, knowing, trust. Slow but sure physical evidence shows up to bolster our faith.

When fear arrives with suffering, we say yes to that too. We allow ourselves to feel what we feel without engaging in victim stories. We hang onto faith sometimes for dear life yet the peace that emerges from the rubble keeps us glued to this new landscape.

Not all will makes this choice. Some will continue to fight and control for a few more lifetimes with attendant suffering. Yet once we have eyes to see, the choice is clear.

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