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Savannah Hanson: Joy of being

Savannah Hanson

We are on the cusp of the new earth and many are awakening in the now to the truth of who they are. This changes everything! The veil between two worlds has never been thinner and miraculous events are becoming commonplace for those with eyes to see. Many are tuning into the voice of Christ consciousness and letting that voice direct their lives. For some, this will involve radical change that may initially be experienced as great loss. Yet for those willing to stay the course, what awaits is heaven on earth, the happy dream. We are guided across the bridge from the world of the illusionary ego to the real world of unity, love and joy.

On the new earth, we are free to create any world we want. We see past any sense of limitation or lack. Case in point. When the first power outage was announced, my miracle buddy asked me how I’d like to feel during the experience. Since it was very hot out, I said I wanted to feel cool and refreshed, relaxed, calm and rested. I ended up sleeping at my yes buddy’s house with power. I went to the Middle Fork of the Yuba to cool off on the hottest day since the South Fork was closed for safety reasons. I chose not to be a victim and all was well. Had I continued to stew and complain, so I would have created.

I am going to tell you a story about a character named Savannah. You can decide for yourself if it is a fairy tale or the recounting of true events. Three weeks ago today, as she is writing this, a man signs up for her new online class. The next day they get in dialogue and she eventually finds out that this man met Jesus ( and hears Him clearly all the time. He begins to direct her on a rapid fire trajectory of awakening that initially involves passing through a very grueling integration process. Her partner and Jesus keep taking her deeper into knowing, step by step. This ends up with her new soul partner announcing 13 days later that Jesus asked him to send her an email saying that she is further along than she knows and that she should accept that she is no longer becoming, that she is being the accomplished. Six days after she meets this man she has a kundalini awakening as she gazes into a photo of her soul partner who she has never seen (he lives 2,000 miles away) and only spoken to by phone. Two and a half weeks after this initial meeting, a man from England with whom she had never had any direct connection (one of her 2,000 Facebook friends) reaches out to Savannah because he said her energy had come on his inner radar. They proceed to video chat and he meets her heart in a way it has never been met before. He also clears distortions in her energy field that result in her going into a trance state after the call. Afterwards she is much more clear and aligned, speaking with an authority she previously lacked.

These are just a few of the miraculous events the character Savannah has experienced as she dives ever deeper into the remembrance of her true self. She also hears the voice of Jesus herself directly in a new way and He tells her to pay attention to the word which she does. She sees how often she believes she feels a certain way because this or that happens. Then she real eyes (realized) that the deeper meaning is to be cause. She re-reads “A Hero of the Dream” in “A Course of Miracles (ACIM)” and on the 14th day of re-reading this she sees at the deepest level that she is the cause of everything that has ever happened to her. “The secret of salvation is but this: that you are doing this unto yourself.” Whenever upset occurs she sees herself as the cause of it and joins with the energy of upset or with the person who seems to be triggering her, seeing only unity, knowing that person and she are one and the same. Miracle after miracle ensues.

This is a time of miracles for those willing to cross the bridge from fear to love. This is the time foretold for ages where the world can move out of chaos and disharmony to love and unity. Only fear and illusion stand in the way. As those willing to move beyond duality and suffering and know the truth about our divine nature, we receive our inheritance of a world of peace and joy. Who’s in?

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