Savannah Hanson: It’s the mind |

Savannah Hanson: It’s the mind


March and April are proving to be super high frequency months. The sun is packing a powerful punch. Even though temperatures are still cool, you may notice the sun feels very intense. This is visceral proof of the ever increasing frequencies.

As frequencies increase, any shadow material not resting in truth is likely to surface. While ultimately those choosing the path of awakening are served by this uncovering, it can feel uncomfortable in the extreme. Yet this very discomfort can help us pinpoint where we are off track.

Trauma is a very real challenge and those (as many have) with trauma may need professional help to slowly titrate exposure to triggering experiences. To have someone hold sacred space can prove invaluable. For those choosing to dive in on their own, my experience has shown me two things are key.

First we need to be willing to actually move toward our fear (if trauma allows.) It is only with the embrace, the allowing, the feeling of the fear, trigger or shadow that over time the charge begins to dissipate. It can feel so counter-intuitive to do this, yet it is vital we finally discover this key. Despite hearing this, it still took me many years to slowly recognize this was the only path to freedom.

Ultimately we come to truly love our triggers as they are the very red flags that alerts us to where the wound remains. Patience is vital here as it can take many deep dives before anything shifts. Ironically it is when we can meet our experience with compassion and no desire to fix or change ourselves that the healing is most likely to arise.

The other key piece might prove even more tricky. This one too took me years to fully see. It is the mind, not the body, that is creating and maintaining our experience. Especially when there is physical pain or challenge, this can feel impossible to believe. The five senses will swear to us that it is the body, that we are a victim of what the body does to us. It may take a specific experience until we start to fully own this truth. Yet once we do, the royal road to freedom is now accessible.

The “good” news about those of us feeling this intensity is there may be a quick response between negative, fearful thoughts and the body’s reaction. As more restrictions are possibly in the offering, I witnessed myself literally terrorized with the thought of a future possible negative scenario. It felt like a red hot poker that kept me from sleep and had me laying in bed immobilized for hours, a very new and unpleasant experience. It was highly motivating to find another way!

I could clearly see how it was the thought of something that MIGHT happen that had terrorized me. It was so painful that I was hot to trot to find another way or, as “A Course in Miracles” asks us, make another choice. We can choose peace instead of this. Believe me, I was highly motivated.

I literally prayed for mercy and was guided to a post that spoke about the power of love. Reading the post, the nervous system immediately calmed down. Even though I have studied the wisdom that it is always love or fear for decades, there is nothing like a real life situation to make the knowledge stick.

If you feel an uneasy spike in the body, watch the thoughts that are present. Sometimes it is very challenging situations occurring in the now yet freaking out certainly never helps. Fear blocks us from intuition and clarity. So being able to take dominion of the mind is a key skill regardless of external circumstances.

The mind can tell us we are a victim, ask us to use addictive behaviors to bring the energy down, to lessen the discomfort, tell us we are powerless or we need another to save us. It can be easy to get swept away. Let all triggers be a reminder to access the eternal, the essence of who we are which is pure love.

If the mind is clear, we will be guided even in a crisis. A new possibility may arise in awareness or a radical new direction. We may be guided to follow an idea that pops up seemingly out of nowhere or to reach out to someone who is the perfect person to support us. What is certain is that with dominion over consciousness, our nervous system can stay at rest rather than keep us in a constant state of fight or flight.

With the news full of things we can be afraid of, we may have to turn it off, stay off social media, even let go of relationships that are triggering. As the frequencies continue to increase, our self care will become more vital. Much of what I write is repetitive as some of these awarenesses must be met repeatedly before we are able to act upon them.

Recognizing how much our thoughts shape shift our experience is one that may take time to fully embrace. Yet the miracle is when we do, a new inner fortitude and strength may emerge, a sense of well being, a certainty that despite appearances, all is well. These frequencies make it more possible than ever to discover our true Identity with accompanying joy and peace.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 30-minute mini session, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or

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