Savannah Hanson: I am not a body, being in the new |

Savannah Hanson: I am not a body, being in the new

This last week has been entertaining to say the least. For many the nervous system is over-amped and overwhelmed. Emotions are running high. Division and divisiveness are rampant. So how do we surf these turbulent times?

My life circumstances have directed me to know beyond the level of thought that I am not a body. Trust me, that awareness slips in and out yet when it is there, such freedom! I was also being forced to realize I am in the new — or suffer accordingly.

I want to tell the story of how this dropped in. I booked non-refundable airline tickets to do something that felt necessary for my well-being and then freaked out. I am not comfortable wearing a mask so limit my exposure to circumstances or environments where it is required. The flight’s were early and had a change of planes with a 36 minute layover. Then I would be traveling by car for about 10 hours with a three year old, etc.

These are things that I have avoided all my life. The identity of being an empath, a sensitive has caused me to limit my exposure to many circumstances over the years. The night before the flight I seriously considered canceling. That old identity that had plagued me all my life, limited me in so many ways was a loud scream in my head. I was driving myself berserk thinking maybe I simply could not tolerate such circumstances. I can not name how loud this fear and agitation was.

I realized that to make the trip without suffering I would have to give up that identity, not believe what the body reported. I had to see the body was only responding to the thoughts of fear and separation in the mind.

I spoke to two friends. One told me I simply had to stop strong-arming myself with pressure to force myself into compliance. I no longer felt I had the stamina to do it that way. The other reminded me I am not a body, something he has told me endlessly.

Before I could afford to only give that truth lip-service. Now I asked myself if I could fully know it and dive into the new. To do so would have to reverse decades of believing myself to be so sensitive. I was truly frightened by the decision.

Yet I decided I could no longer lock myself into that old way of being. Every time the nervous system wanted to freak out about something I would internally chant “I am not a body.” This is directly from “A Course of Miracles” and asks us to know who we truly are as eternal Source/ Divinity. I also had to constantly say I am in the new, my old ways of being no longer apply.

It worked! I was able to erase decades of limitation over night. Holy cow, now we are on to something. So with the craziness and stress over the election, I am applying the same process. I am choosing to focus on joy, on what brings calm to the body. I refuse to watch any news, report, podcast, class, course etc. that paints a negative picture of the future. Since according to Harvard Medical school 60-90% of all accidents and illnesses are caused by stress, this is something we all need to take seriously.

I have been in several groups over the last days and all but three people have been extremely stressed. So developing a deep knowing of our true identity which is so far beyond the body becomes rather urgent. To do so we need to let go of our histories (his story) and claim our true identities as source. I am very aware that interest in this type of knowledge is soaring. People want out of suffering, out of fear. Once we realize that it is always the mind that creates the suffering and fear, not the body, we begin to claim an astonishing freedom.

While this task may seem daunting, it is important to remember we are indeed in the new. Integrations and purification of trauma, limiting beliefs, density that used to take years, even decades to integrate now can happen in weeks, days, even hours. I dropped into a profound grief that lasted maybe 10 minutes and an hour later I felt completely well. This is the gift of these times.

They certainly are colorful yet they offer us the possibility to shift out of old limitations that create such fear, suffering and separation faster then ever before. These times require us to let go of the pain-body that causes us to hate, to fight, to divide. Once we return to our true nature, we know a sense of unity that makes it impossible to wish another harm. This is the necessary antidote for these divisive times. We all need to make peace a priority. As within, so without. Inner harmony will automatically move us to outer peace.

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