Savannah Hanson: I am here for you |

Savannah Hanson: I am here for you

Savannah Hanson

The latest quickening of Light energy pouring on to the planet has many struggling in confusion, depression, anxiety, despair, feeling shell shocked. A few will experience it as a lightening, a sense of greater aliveness, a peace that passes all understanding. How the energy impacts us depends on how attached to the ego thought system our minds are.

According to “A Course in Miracles” the ego’s greatest carrot offered to distract and confuse us is the special relationship. It glitters and shines, offering us salvation as long as we give the special one our full allegiance. At least until that one begins to argue with us, criticize or complain. Or we find them boring, lazy, selfish. At that point either we will begin to search for another idol to save us or begin the diligent work of taming the ego, often through relationship. Instead of blaming the other or ourselves, we simply notice what our triggers are and take responsibility for them rather then projecting them outward. We have now begun the royal road to awakening and inner freedom.

“A Course in Miracles” tells us that the purpose of relationship is “to make happy.” Yet too often our relationships dissolve into sources of tension and stress. The special relationship is the ego’s most prized tool in distracting us from the Truth. “Every special relationship you have made has, as its fundamental purpose, the aim of occupying your mind so completely that you will not hear the call of truth.”

Most will go from one relationship to another, one idol of wealth, power, success, addiction to another until we finally have had enough. The pressure of our current world may be the catalyst to finally bring us to full willingness to find a better way.

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I have studied special vs. holy relationship for almost two decades yet the truth is that until recently I was not really ready to let the special relationship go. It did indeed seem to be the answer to my prayers. The book also states we do not really know what love is. Having dedicated myself to Love, I could not really see the accuracy of that statement until recently when my last relationship with bigger elements of specialness began to shift. For the first time, the love was still there yet the parameters of this relationship were undergoing a radical change. In the past, when one special relationship fell apart in conflict, I would just move on to the next. Yet I had devoted years to healing this particular relationship and there was no longer any friction. So it had been easy to believe I had resolved the specialness.

It was only as that one was no longer as available to me as previously that I could finally see how the specialness had always kept me looping in suffering. It is only now that I can finally see the accuracy of “A Course in Miracles” admonishments against making another our idol, our source, that I am finally willing to let it go.

Many are terrified to do this as it seems to land us in a void stare with nothing to save us from our suffering, from ourselves. Yet an interesting window opens up when we finally have the courage to call quits to seeking externally. All our frantic efforts to have another keep us from our own self hatred, self rejection, self doubt are now dropped.

Now there is the space for the miracle. We ultimately remember we are truly the ones we have been waiting for. We discover that within us is the answer to all our prayers, all our suffering. The letting go may feel like an exorcism or at least it did for me. Yet on Easter after going through the grueling letting go with accompanying frightening body sensations, I witnessed a deep sense of inner safety and well being. A voice that has been drowned out for so long quietly and tenderly promised, “ I am here for you.”

Previously I have had a few transcendent experiences yet they always seemingly came from outside of me. This was the first time I knew the absolute Truth that indeed, we are the Beloved, our very nature is Christ Consciousness. This was not some idea or theory, rather direct Knowing. It is the beginning of the end of suffering as we claim our True Identity.

We will finally no longer be tempted to seek externally. The Knowing may slip in and out. Yet ultimately we are certain only the Eternal Self within will answer all our yearning.

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