Savannah Hanson: Giving thanks |

Savannah Hanson: Giving thanks

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

— Jimi Hendrix

These intense times require us to find a new way, to discover the truth of who we are. There is no doubt we are in new, unprecedented times, a time of moving out of duality and into the field of one love, of unity. We are now required to find the truth of our own divinity and step out of the duality of needing to learn through suffering. Rather as we enter unity consciousness, all we need to know is revealed through grace and awareness.

It certainly will feel quite the reverse, like we are being taken to our knees and disempowered in so many ways. The recent threatened power outage simply adds to the uncertainty and asks us to deeply question where our true power lies.

Perhaps take a moment to review your year. I am sure there have been many challenges. Yet I ask you to look deep into your heart and access the power of love and gratitude. This is where all answers lie.

To review foundational material. When intense energies and triggers impact the body, we allow ourselves to feel fully as physical sensation what arises. The body is directly linked to the same Intelligence as runs the entire universe. You, my dear friend, are directly tied to this vast awareness, to what some call the field. In this field all things are possible as science is beginning to discover.

Now many will balk at this, considering themselves unable or unwilling. Get support if necessary because this awareness is critical to thriving in the new earth. Feeling what arises puts us in touch with the quantum field and allows great transmutation to occur. In this place we become the co-creators of our own realties here within the illusion, entering what is called the happy dream. “Rest in the Holy Spirit, and allow His gentle dreams to take the place of those you dreamed in terror and in fear of death.… The dream of guilt is fading from your sight, although your eyes are closed. A smile has come to lighten up your sleeping face. The sleep is peaceful now, for these are happy dreams.” — “A Course in Miracles”

To access the happy dream we must see we are the hero of the dream, the ones that choose based on whether or not we believe the illusion of separation, which in fact is the cause of all suffering and trauma regardless of how it appears. Or do we choose in the now to know we are not guilty, we are innocent, we have never done anything wrong. From this place we enter heaven on earth and begin to create the lives we desire.

Now this is no small task, I know. Yet never has it been more accessible then now. This is the extraordinary gift of these powerful times. Will you accept the gift?

One of the best ways to access the gift and a theme of course this week is thanksgiving. Right now, would you be willing to list 10 things you are grateful for? I have this as a daily practice for decades and did it for years with my young daughter to show her the vital importance of gratitude. There were years where I struggled to come up with anything, where the best I could do was to be grateful for the sun on my skin or the breeze on a hot day. Dig deep if necessary.

This year has been both one of the most challenging and the richest years of my life. I have experienced my first panic attacks and I have experienced immense joy for absolutely no reason other than an inner state of consciousness. This awareness has lifted me for periods beyond the illusion of separation into unity consciousness. There truly is no greater joy.

I feel powerfully called to name the ones I am most thankful for. This has been my practice for years to appreciate the five people I am most grateful to. This year nine is as low as I can go. With profound gratitude and so much joy that it literally can not be spoken, I thank Tiina, David, Kim, Ciela, Alex, John Mark, Raffaella, all members of my Wild Heart group and my brother Jeshua!

Perhaps take a moment to review your year. I am sure there have been many challenges. Yet I ask you to look deep into your heart and access the power of love and gratitude. This is where all answers lie.

For information on private sessions, or to join the new online group Wild Hearts: Co-creating the Joy of Being, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at (530) 575-5052 or

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