Savannah Hanson: Enjoying being human |

Savannah Hanson: Enjoying being human

Savannah Hanson

Some have told me they can’t follow all that I write. My intent is to reach different levels of awareness to activate unity consciousness.

To enjoy being human in such times is a heroic task sometimes. When I saw a photo of about fifty policemen kneeled in support of civil rights protesters, I cried. For months, I have been intending to move the depravity some humans are capable of into neutrality yet wasn’t having much luck. I intend to move all limitations, beliefs, experiences out of duality to neutrality. Why? Because this is the level of consciousness needed to antidote these times, to move out of the fear and hatred blanketing our beloved Gaia in density back to the love that is our natural state of being. Joy is a high energy that helps create the new earth.

I was spontaneously made aware of how vital neutrality is several months ago. Since then, one program after another has been revealed until I reached a core negative belief. That I cannot enjoy life on earth since there is so much depravity here. Four years ago I thought I would not even be able to stick the planet. The sensitivity of this nervous system and how it seemingly brought such tension to the body made it seem eventually I would simply not be able to withstand the increasing intensity. Yet that belief was popped when I was forced off the road at high speed yet experienced no adrenaline. I had been programing myself to be calm no matter what and I was! So I proved to myself it is the mind — not the body — causing the stress. So shift the belief, and the body shifts right along with it.

With support, I have been slowly dismantling ever deeper core limiting beliefs. Since my life vision is to be an emissary for the universal awakening of unconditional love and joy, a frequency holder of joy, but when I realized I believed that was not actually possible with the level of depravity I have read of and witnessed, I felt stuck. Now what? How to get through this one?

I am realizing “I need do nothing” as we are promised in “A Course of Miracle.” I set the intent and away the mystery goes, making it happen. Bringing me whatever experiences I need. Yet I could not get around some of what I know happens to humans, to children. How to make peace with that?

It was just a few days ago where I was led to the experience of this as felt sensation. This step out of duality is essential to turn our current situation around. What I saw within was the police officer kneeling on a prone man’s neck. I was guided into that man’s energy and felt an ice cold rage. I was able to connect to his experience and feel how the rage, unconsciousness, dehumanized violence, hatred was a mask of incredible separation, of fear. I burst into tears as I was finally truly able to access greater compassion for humanity. Perhaps you may question me. Yet we cannot get out of this mess at the same level of consciousness we entered it, that is clear. Hatred breeds hatred. All is love or a call for love and this truly is the only answer.

So the police officers kneeling to protesters shown in the link above moves me deeply as it shows me how much is shifting away from right/wrong, power/powerlessness into unity. “As a show of understanding the pain that is in our community and our nation regarding equality, the #FayPD took a knee to show that we also stand for justice for everyone,” the department wrote. “We are committed to listening and treating everyone with dignity and respect.”

If I can sit with depravity while never condoning or allowing it, if I can stop it, holding the frequency of unconditional love is the number one way this planet can shift. My guides once told me this is the hardest work on the planet. I used to judge myself for the multitude of hours I spent in a hammock allowing energy to move through this body. Now I consider it a vital part of my way of being, of being me, of my gift.

Many may judge themselves for how they are guided to hold energy. This is the way of Mary, the way of the divine feminine. Know that your contribution is priceless. Thank you for all that you bestow upon the world.

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