Savannah Hanson: Empowerment ­— rising as love |

Savannah Hanson: Empowerment ­— rising as love

Savannah Hanson

Beloved community,

Let us use the energy of Easter to experience a rebirth. Current events are having many of us take a deep look at what we truly value, helping us realize how many blessings we took for granted, showing us ways to reduce unnecessary busy-ness, express our love (even if from a distance) for our cherished ones. We are being asked to rise and create a new earth now and after this temporary situation shifts.

Where attention goes, energy will flow. Many are allowing the media attention to determine their focus. I can guarantee you if every day we saw how many people die in car crashes, how many children, people in tragic or celebratory situations, you’d think twice or even three times before getting in the car. This situation is allowing us to surface a lot of unconscious fear. The Buddhist say that until we can face our own death with equanimity, we are not free. This certainly makes sense.

Focusing on fear decreases immunity. Focusing on empowerment strengthens it. In the 1976 Chowchilla children’s bus kidnapping, the only child who survived without serious psychological problems was the child who actively helped in finding a way out. It is vital we learn to embrace the unconscious cellular fears this situation is surfacing and then chose to act in an empowered way.

I feel empowered focusing my life’s energy/ attention on rising as love. Attention and intention create reality. My new direction is to support love leaders in making a bigger impact, in supporting all those who choose to dedicate their lives to love and away from the current dominant story of fear. Unless we have done the difficult shadow work of facing and embracing our own fears, we will always feel like victims and live lives that are either unconscious or perhaps ones of quiet desperation.

Many are being challenged on so many different levels. As always, it is important to comfort the creature, the human whose nervous system may be getting fried. Study trauma and ways to resource, to be with anxiety, not flood ourselves. Get help if needed to move through fear.

Peter Levine has free resources that can be accessed to educate ourselves if we are experiencing trauma. As always, spend time in nature, silence, slow way down, focus on the breath and find ways to sooth yourself if need, from baths to cuddly blankets.

Once we have done the often challenging work of inner liberation through facing, feeling and embracing any and all fear within, we begin to rise and witness we indeed are the co-creators of our own reality, within the collective. We begin to witness how incredibly powerful we are. Once we get in touch with that power, what do we wish to create? Mind is the creator.

Many may get hung up on sweating what their purpose is, when it can be as simple as growing a garden, smiling at everyone we see, offering a kind word. I went to the store for the first time in weeks and I offered each person where it felt appropriate a smile, asking them how they are doing, wishing them well. It was a lovely experience (from six feet away of course.) For many now the primary purpose is integrating inner fear.

Personally I have had to process a lot of fear, mostly from the sense that we are not getting all the facts and the sense that some manipulate the situation for their own purposes. I have had to face and feel the incredible pain of feeling helpless, of facing the grief of seeing so many in suffering, of staying tied to my humanity without letting grief flood me or knock me off purpose. I have experienced major grief over the amount of poverty on this planet, the uneven distribution of resources. Now I can experience profound grief that may last only twenty minutes and then feel cleansed and empowered, ready to create. I am discovering ever greater ways to claim true empowerment.

What do we want to use our source energy, our connection to infinite intelligence to create? How can we do that on a daily basis, even from our homes? This is what brings me life. I am connecting to love leaders world wide and asking myself how I can support their mission. I had a chance, as one example, to connect to my friend Joshua from Zimbabwe right before he made a short national broadcast.

My mission is to support others in living their joy. After so much of my life dedicated to managing my anxiety, imagine the celebration to rarely feel anxious even now! This is what is possible for men and women of courage. Choose with me to put your attention on what you wish to create.

A new education system, resolving homelessness, restoring Gaia to her natural balance, economic reforms. The earth is waiting with bated breath to see what you will choose. Choose to be resurrected to a live devoted to rising as love.

For information on private sessions or classes or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or

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