Savannah Hanson: Embracing sovereignty, claiming self |

Savannah Hanson: Embracing sovereignty, claiming self

Dear Community,

It has never been more vital nor more accessible to become sovereign in our own consciousness. As structures collapse around us, as fear and uncertainty mounts, it is essential we not fall for the fear programing. Remember, fear is false evidence appearing real and we can always choose to face everything and rise. Fear can be a very contagious virus that is easily caught and transmitted for those whose consciousness is not resilient. I spent many years perusing lesson 135 of “A Course of Miracles.” It says “If I defend myself, I am attacked.” What can we do to not fall in this trap of defense/attack/protection?

As fear increases, so does interest in spiritual matters. Integrate fear through the allowance of the fear as felt sensation. As we allow the energy to pass through our bodies, we create increasing spaciousness to hold greater presence and being. We become ever more in touch with our own knowing. We trust our intuition to let us know what serves us and what does not.

Ironically, the increase in fear is a great motivator. It was 9/11 that motivated this one to really apply myself in becoming more spiritually adept, awake, remembering the truth of myself. I seemed to feel the energy of change before the collective did. My then anxiety made it essential I find another way. I used to curse my sensitivity yet I now know it was rocket fuel setting me free. We can use current circumstances to do the same now.

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… feel the fear and live life in joy anyway.

We are going through a planetary upgrade that is now requiring all citizens to ante up to consciousness or remain in an ever increasing cycle of suffering. Yet freedom has never been more available. I can only read/feel energy not see the cycles or anticipate much of future energy other than to say this decade is requiring us to move back into unity and a sense of oneness, recognition of our interdependence. Greed and self serving behavior will no longer fly. Yet those I respect report a planetary upgrade that has been in place only a short time that has installed a new operating system into human beings, moving us from carbon to crystalline based bodies, returning us to the Eden of consciousness we left 10,000 years ago. The ego is no longer rooted in consciousness yet it is up to us to let go of the momentum of that system that can keep us locked in old trauma and limiting beliefs. We have to recognizing and feel this shift, claim our sovereignty to benefit from this new grace.

I am reminded of an experiment I did in a psychology class at university. The experiment was to witness how long it took participants to recognize an easier way to solve math problems. Some caught it almost immediately. Others (like me) struggled through the old, convoluted way to solve it before recognizing how easily it could now be solved. That experiment has stayed with me for decades.

How long will it take for us as a species to let go of the old ways of conflict, competition, violence, control and begin to cooperate in unity? I see so many young people in our community quickly adapting, no longer willing to be slaves to the economy, support the GNP with their life energy. So many are finding alternative ways to live, creative ways to support their preferred lifestyle with more flexibility and down time.

Last year around this time I was confronted with four of my five deepest fears. I had a number of panic attacks yet I discovered ultimately a profound neutrality and inner calm. This last week that calm was again triggered with fear, now a rare occurrence. I took my own medicine, allowing the sensation to be felt in the body and did my best to stay out of story or assign meaning. And miraculously, today the state of this one’s energy is filled with gratitude for being itself, for being alive in perhaps the greatest transformational time this planet has known. Before we were more or less doomed to lives of quiet desperation. Few could make the jump to freedom given planetary density. Now freedom beckons as never before. Will you step through? This does not mean to blame or shame oneself no matter how lost in fear you may be. Yup, feel the fear and live life in joy anyway. Support each other as the powerful community of wise hearts I know we are, do not accept or spread the fear virus so profusely offered by media.

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