Savannah Hanson: Eight seconds that changed everything |

Savannah Hanson: Eight seconds that changed everything

This one found the month of July very powerful indeed with lots of energetic intensity. Two days felt very difficult to hold the energy either physically or emotionally. Yet after one particularly grueling day, on a day where someone I respect said it was the strongest energy she had ever experienced, a miracle occurred. Savannah disappeared.

What does that mean? What I (Savannah) now realize is that until now all but a few of all mystical experiences were encountered by the form or identity known as Savannah. Yet what arose the morning after the taxing and arduous day was very different. What happened when this one opened her eyes was peace, was present, nothing else. There was no one having an experience, simply an experience happening. The peace was vast and indescribable. It was total. There was nothing but peace.

This miracle lasted about eight seconds and then a thought came. The thought was “I feel peaceful.” Who feels peaceful? Savannah. Identity had returned and with it the whole boatload of beliefs and conditioning. Yet for those eight seconds there was only spacious presence, only peace as the entirety of experience.

It is hard to put into words the significance of this. It felt like the gates of freedom were opened and the way out had a neon sign. The way out of the ego thought system with its myriad of restrictions and constant narrative, comment on experience rather than direct experience.

As best as I remember, this had only occurred once before some years ago. That time for hours there was no one having an experience, simply experience unfolding. During those few hours, presence went to ecstatic dance. Everyone was drawn to dancing with the one that was simply dance dancing. No one was dancing, dance was happening. Like bees to honey, many waltzed over to dance with this one.

If you got this far, yeah! The level of chaos, turmoil, fear being experienced and promoted, I suspect, will allow many to find enough motivation to make the jump out of self identification. Recently I heard spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle say few have had sufficient motivation until now.

Why is this so significant? When we operate from form, we operate from a field of limitation. The personality only knows so much. When we exist as the Self, this One has access to the entire quantum field. With that awareness, certainty comes in. There is no fear, no need to plan because awareness provides whatever might be needed.

Today I asked the question on Facebook, who wakes up happy? A number of people said they do. I suspect some wake up happy as they find their circumstances pleasant or desirable. Perhaps only a few wake up with permanent, invulnerable joy of knowing true identity.

It is so clear to me now that anything that is not eternal will eventually yield to unhappiness. An old mentor said that pain and pleasure are simply polarities on the same wheel of suffering. Pleasure that ends as all finite things do, leads to suffering. If it is only the circumstance rather than a state of being that leads to this inner state, it is inherently unstable.

Yet it is this suffering that has been the main trajectory for most to find their way out of identification with the ego self. Fear is a great motivator to either witness how we can constantly loop in fear and try to control outer circumstances to make it go away or we can look within. When we look within we may become aware of the perhaps constant litany of thoughts that are limiting, deal with future or past, grudges, injustice and so on. Sit with any of these thoughts and if one is in touch with the body, the body will instantly alert us to discomfort and suffering. It is only through taking dominion of thoughts, turning all over to the eternal/source that a permanent solution is found.

Yet this one has been guilty of throwing the baby out with the bath water. I have become aware this year of how I wanted out of the body, off the earth in many ways, feet “too sensitive” for Earth density. Yet this is simply another limiting identification keeping me stuck in an old story.

Each of us will find our own way out of the maze of suffering if we are devoted. Give all thoughts to union and see what unfolds.

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